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Fuse  the best of both worlds to create a true explosive result! The mixture  of black and white music created a whole new genre characterized by fat  rock sound, tricky beats, funky guitar licks, virtuosic keyboards and pulsating basslines: 70s Funk Rock – pure  energy!

Back  in the 70s, Funk doubtlessly offered the best groove while Rock  featured the best sound. It is not for nothing a lot of this period‘s  productions are still counted among the unrivaled milestones of music. We need to thank the masters and heroes of this era  for not just mixing elements of Funk and Rock but for creating a dense  fusion of both genres. Guitarists spiced up their funky licks using  overdrive and octave pedals, adding furious lines and backings, including virtuosic Jazz-solos and extraordinary key  changes. Drummers added syncopations to their grooves while a heavy  dotted bass kept the foundation. Keyboarders were finally able to prove  their abilities outside the typical jazz combo, changing their play during the song using Hammonds, Clavinets and Minimoogs.  Ueberschall‘s 70s Funk Rock combines the energy-filled mixture of this  creative era with the endless possibilities of modern music production.

This  3.3GB Library contains 20 construction kits with 1.965 loops. Each kit  consists of up to six parts. Easily create conclusive arrangements using  A-, B- and C-parts, breaks, intros and outros. The tempo ranges between 100 and 120 BPM and can freely be  changed using Elastik-Player.
All  kits have been performed in the classic Funk-Rock lineup:  Rhythm-guitar, lead -guitar, electric bass, B3 organ, moog synthesizer,  Hohner Clavinet D6 and a drumkit that is available as ready-to-use submix on the one hand, as well as elaborated mic‘ed  version with single tracks for all drums on the other. Find separate  tracks for inner and outer miking of the bass drum, snare top and bottom  tracks as well as overheads.

All  instruments have been captured dry using highest quality converters at  24 bit and 44.1 kHz sample rate. No additional effects or dynamic  processing has been applied, apart for the mixed loops. This way, all options to shape the sound lie at the users‘  hands. Use your personal tools to get your individual Funk-Rock-sound  out of these timeless and iconic sound sources. Since this style is  rarely produced these days, 70s Funk Rock is also the ideal source for authentic grooves. Almost like taking samples from  your record collection. This makes the library not only suited for music  production and composition of the Funk-Rock-genre but also for recent  crossover styles, sample based tracks. Plus, it is equally suited for advertisement production, game-, film and  TV-scores where 70‘s context is required.

Ueberschall‘s  Elastik-Player allows superior and fast adaption of the library‘s loops  in time and pitch to match any song layout. It is also easily possible  to combine single parts of a construction kit with other kits and even other libraries. All  installed Elastik-libraries are immediately accessible from the  plug-in‘s browser - ready to use at any time. On top of this,  Elastik-Player offers various options to modify and transform your loops to be used in different situations. Elastik-Player boosts your  workflow as well as your creativity.

70s  Funk Rock has been produced by Kai Reuter and Uwe Kinast. The  instruments were played by: Drums - Phillipe Candas, Bass - Kai Reuter,  Guitars - Kai Reuter, Organ, Moog und Clavinet - Klaus Henatsch.

3.3 GB, 20 construction kits, 1.965 loops
Genre: Rock, Funk, Fusion
Elastik Soundbank for Mac/PC/AU/VST/RTAS/stand-alone
Elastik Player included - no sampler required!

Available for
99,- Euro
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