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Ueberschall - The Sample Meisters from Germany

New Elastik Soundbank

Chart Hits

Straight  into and up the charts. Is music more than just fun for you? Do you  want to address big audiences? Do you look for airplay, video-rotation  and commercial success? Then it is time to enter the charts with your track!

Pop  is the biggest intersection in music. It reaches large audiences by  radio- and television broadcast, clubs and concerts. This allows earning  quite a bit of money but also means working in a competitive market. To hold your ground, more than just a good  song idea is needed to remain in the charts. Your productions need to be  top notch and pick up the latest trends. This is where Ueberschall‘s  Chart Hits library comes in. Pop-oriented construction kits integrate modern elements like Trance- synthlines, R’n’B-hooks as  well as House-beats and acoustic guitar licks. Fat synth sounds and  punchy drums set the base for catchy melodies and harmonic structures  that paint the full picture of song. This library puts the right sound-set for your chart track into your hands. The rest  is up to your and your A&R manager.

Chart  Hits offers 10 extensive construction kits including a total of 510  loops. Just like in recent US major productions, Euro-sounds are mixed  with elements of black music to melt into real pop-music-anthems. These sounds create a dense grooving  backing-track that, unlike instrumental club music, will leave enough  space to fit vocals and lead instruments.

Each  construction kit contains a demonstrative full-mix plus individual  tracks of in the charts lead synthesizers, pad sounds, acoustic and  electric guitars, electric and synthetic basses and effect sounds. In addition, you‘ll find all drum kits as full-mixes  as well as single tracks for kick, snare, hihat, cymbals and  percussions. This allows easy exchanging of single instruments and a  target-oriented mixdown. The construction kits consist of 2 to 4 folders containing the main theme and further variations.  Intro, breaks and A/B parts can be easily arranged this way and a first  song layout is just a few minutes ahead.

When  it comes to the production of a potential chart track, there‘s no way  around this library. Also, for any application where music is meant to  address a broad audience, like advertisements, signature tunes in television or product/event presentations on  tradeshows, Chart Hits delivers the perfect solution.

Ueberschall‘s  Elastik-Player is the ideal tool for fast music production. At  lightning speed and highest quality, the loops and sounds of a library  can be matched in tempo and pitch. All libraries‘ construction kits are organized in a way that single  elements can be exchanged easily anytime. Also, the attribute-based  browser allows fast and selective searching for specific loops and  elements across all installed Elastik libraries for immediate integration in a song. You wouldn‘t want to miss this efficient feature,  if your musical work spreads across several genres particularly.
On  top of that, creativity doesn‘t come short when using Elastik, too.  Functions like resample, formant, reverse and the effective  multimode-filter allow slight or extreme manipulation of loops and sounds with little effort.

Chart  Hits has been produced by Marc Steinmeier, who has previously worked  for companies like Universal Music, EMI Electrola and Sony/BMG. Many of  his tracks and remixes of well-known artists such as LL Cool J, Alicia Keys, George Clinton and Eminem thank  their final polishing in composition and sound design to him.

10 Construction Kits, 510 Loops, 970MB
Genre: Pop/Dance
Elastik Soundbank for Mac/PC/AU/VST/RTAS/Standalone
Elastik Player included - no sampler required!

Available for
49,- Euro
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