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U & I Software has released ArtMatic Pro 3.5 for MacOS X and MacOS 9, a new generation of the programmable graphics synthesizer capable of creating stunning graphics and animation as well as processing external still images and QuickTime movies, - allowing the creation of digital fine art as well as studio-quality video effects, filters and transitions.

The ArtMatic engine underwent significant re-design to enable technologies for its companion, ArtMatic Voyager, which creates 3D worlds from ArtMatic files. Over 60 new and modified components were added to ArtMatic Pro as well as a geographical shader (for use with ArtMatic Voyager), increased color resolution, the ability to use multiple gradients in a single image, and direct sound input selection.

The new 3.5 engine makes it possible to design planet surfaces, color textures, and cloudscapes for ArtMatic Voyager (available both as a bundled component or as a separate purchase).

ArtMatic's library of over 300 graphics generators and filters can be patched together in complex structures to create a range of images and effects. It is a tool designed for graphic artists, video artists and special effects designers. Musicians also use it to design their own CD label cover graphics. The ArtMatic Pro CD includes a library of over 3,000 presets that will allow professional and amateurs alike to take full advantage of ArtMatic's power. Video artists and post-production professionals can use ArtMatic Pro in conjunction with the VTrack video sequencer to design their own special effects and transition styles. The combination of VTrack and ArtMatic Pro provides an endless supply of new effects.

Behind the scenes, ArtMatic Pro uses systems of complex equations, but its user interface is simple and makes it possible for anyone to create stunning movies and images. Simply choose a tree structure, roll the dice then zoom and pan the camera to explore the image space you have created. For users who want more control, the tree structure can be edited and finely tuned via parameter sliders. The camera path and parameter envelopes provide fine control of ArtMatic Pro animation. Compiled trees allow users to create their own primitives that can be used in other projects as if they were built-in functions.

ArtMatic Pro also features random path animation and a mutations explorer that allows users to quickly explore the vast parameter space of each newly created system. ArtMatic has a broad range of uses for both professionals and amateurs. The stunning images and textures it creates broaden the palette of any artist, and ArtMatic Pro opens the door to image creation for non-artists. It takes only minutes to learn, and it is fun to use.

Pricing and Availability:

Electronic delivery $249. CD-ROM $299. $499 bundled with U&I's VTrack video sequencer. $299 as a bundled download with ArtMatic Voyager.

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