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WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA, June 29, 2011 — Production duo Mike Gonsolin and Vision at  Trend Def Studios in Hollywood, California, have come to appreciate the prompt response of their go-to audio equipment dealer,  Guitar Center Professional (GC Pro), the outside sales division of Guitar Center that focuses on   the needs of professional users. Working with Paris Hilton one day and   scoring for a television show the next, it’s not unusual for Gonsolin   and Vision to have an urgent need for a piece of hardware or software,   and the Account Managers at GC Pro's Sherman Oaks location are   invariably ready to respond immediately.

“It’s  such a fast-paced industry, especially because  I’m the head engineer  here and the sole owner, so everything falls in my  lap,” explains  Gonsolin. “A lot of times clients come in and there’s a  certain plug-in  that we don’t have or they want a particular piece of  gear, and we  need to get it right away. GC Pro is just a machine; they  get back to  me that day.”

Trend  Def Studios, located just off of hip Melrose  Avenue, is a one-stop  shop capable of handling writing, production,  tracking, editing, mixing  and mastering. The centerpiece of the very  well equipped facility is  an Avid Pro Tools|HD5 rig with a laundry list  of plug-ins, soft synths  and sample libraries, racks of new and vintage  analog and digital  outboard processing, and a live room fully stocked  with instruments,  amplifiers and stompboxes.

“I  probably have gotten 70 to 80 percent of my studio  through GC Pro,“  reports Gonsolin, who has been shopping with the  retailer for over a  decade. Aside from Pro Tools, the room also features  ADAM Audio S3A  monitors and a Sub10 subwoofer controlled by a Crane  Song Avocet and,  in addition to outboard processing, stacks of sound  modules from  companies such as E-MU, Korg, Moog, Novation, Oberheim,  Roland and  Waldorf. “We have maybe 40 different analog sound modules. We  run the  Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor, we have a Dangerous 2-BUS  analog  summing mixer and a ton of compressors. Although we don’t mix  into a  board we’re known for having extremely analog sounding,  in-the-box  mixes here,” he says.
One  recent purchase is the Antelope Audio Atomic Clock.  By eliminating  jitter and clocking errors, Gonsolin explains, “It gives  you a wider,  truer stereo field and much clearer lows with no mud. I  was blown away  by the performance of it, plus GC Pro let me demo the  unit at my  studio. Another big thing they just sold us was a Furman  balanced power  conditioner for the whole studio. It has completely  eliminated any  noise; we now have the cleanest power I’ve ever heard in  my life. GC  Pro even recommended the guy that did all our acoustical  soundproofing  here as well, Steven Klein, who did an amazing job.”
But  GC Pro has helped with more than just new gear, he  continues. They  have also helped him source discontinued equipment:  “We’ve got a live  room here just filled with amps and stuff like that,  and a lot of times  GC Pro has helped me track down particular amps, some  of which aren’t  being made anymore. He’s always been good about running  through GC  Pro’s used inventory and finding me one that meets the specs  that I  need.”

Trend  Def Studios music clients include Cisco and  Shwayze, Megan McCauley  (Gonsolin and Vision are working on her  sophomore album), Paris Hilton,  The Veronicas, Sam Adams and numerous  others. Several record labels  are currently bidding to sign Gonsolin’s  solo project, Trend Def, from  which he has already placed a song in a  major motion picture, and a  music video has been produced for Trend  Def’s song “Perdition.”  Gonsolin is also currently scoring for  Nickelodeon’s “Supah Ninjas”  show.
For more information, please visit  http://www.trenddefstudios.com/ and  www.gcpro.com/.

Trend Def Studios owner and head engineer  Mike Gonsolin  (seated) and production partner Vision (standing), in  their Hollywood,  California facility. Trend Def Studios has acquired a  majority of  their gear from the Sherman Oaks location of GC Pro.

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