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Incidental Gestures

Cycling '74 announced the release of Incidental Gesture, the third volume in the Cycles series of audio source libraries.

Produced and edited by Ron MacLeod, Incidental Gesture features active sonic textures and melodic meanderings that provide movement, emotion and narrative expression to musical compositions or media projects. Each piece is composed to integrate easily into existing pieces yet intricate enough to stand on their own as incidental beds. These long (30 sec. to 3 min.) files were designed for direct use in Digital Audio Workstations yet are seamlessly looped end to end for extended play as well.

Content categories

  • Horn Based Gestures - light to heavily processed acoustic horn gestures, broken out as raw, processed, effects only and individual notes (where appropriate)
  • Melodic Meanderings - melodically based experimental traipsin
  • Moody Incidentals - a bit more textural, evoking an atmospheric 'vibe
  • Narrative Expressions - sonic banter and non-verbal storytellin
  • Rhythmic Beds - rhythmic yet non-repetitive phrases

These loops are prepared for direct import into any DAW program, playback in loop sequencers or manipulation by any sampler, vintage to virtual. 24-bit .wav files are provided in 48kHz for ease of use in Film, DV and multimedia productions, as well as 44.1kHz versions for direct compatibility with music composition tools. Incidental Gesture is packaged as a dual-disc release created with the audio post-professional in mind-a high capacity DVD-ROM, along with a standard audio CD for an easy auditioning alternative.

Cycling '74 has tapped sound library pioneer Ron MacLeod, creator of the award winning 'Poke in the Ear' libraries, to produce and curate the Cycles series. With this new series, MacLeod expands upon his previous work by producing a continuing series of 'inspirational' sonic collections, while using Cycling '74's processing tools-Max/MSP, MODE, Pluggo and Radial.

Incidental Gesture is now available directly from Cycling '74 for US$99.00.

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