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The Radial Phazer is a 100% discreet class-A analogue phase control that allows two sound sources such as a microphone and direct feed to be combined by time-correcting the two sources and finding the sweet spot to create bigger and fatter tones. The Phazer can be inserted in series with any line level device and can also be connected via the insert bus using fully balanced XLR cables.

According to company president Peter Janis: "Early on, Denis Rozon our chief engineer started messing around with phase shifting technology and about two years ago, we introduced our first phase shifting prototype as part of a product called the JDX. Although it worked really well, we never released it as we were not pleased with some of the physical attributes. We finally got around to resolving these and the result is two products: the Phazer and the JDX rev2."

"The Phazer will be of primary importance to the recording engineer when combining direct sounds such as those captured via a direct box and a microphone. The same applies when using two mics in the same room. By combining the sound of the two mics and then correcting the phase so that the fundamental frequencies line up, the sound will 'jump out' as soon as you hit the sweet spot. Applying phase correction to kick drums, guitar and bass tracks, percussion, in fact any instrument that you want to 'enlarge' by utilizing two mics will benefit."

"The Radial JDX is a guitar amp direct box with reactive speaker emulation. The JDX connects between the guitar amplifier head and the speaker cabinet to pass along the direct sound of the amp to the mixing console. By combining the mic'd sound of the cabinet with the direct feed (JDX) and using the Phazer to line the two sources up, you get a huge and highly repeatable tone for live production. We are pleased to say that we will begin shipping the Phazer in advance of the 2007 concert touring season."

The PHAZER's compact table-top form features a protective zone around the knob and switches. These include in-out select, 180° rotational control, 180° polarity flip for full 360° phase adjustment, and ground lift switch to eliminate hum & buzz caused by ground loops and effect bypass. Rear panel connections are +4dB balanced line level XLR for professional use.

As with all Radial direct boxes, the PHAZER features welded 14 gauge steel construction and a unique I-beam internal frame to ensure years of trouble free performance, even when subjected to the harsh reality of concert touring. A full bottom no-slip rubber pad is provided that at once reduces the chance for the PHAZER from falling off your Midas, while also providing electrical insulation from any actively charged chassis. Comes with 3-year transferable warranty.

Available Mar 07 (estimated)
JDX Reactor suggested list price: $349 USD

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