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With Blacksmith on-stage, power is not an issue – large clubs,
major venues or full-scale stadiums, Blacksmith covers it all. A
massive 1600 watts delivers a huge bass tone that will follow the
user's slightest moves while playing those hard-rocking bass
lines and hammering riffs.

Taking bass to a higher level
Blacksmith offers more than excessive power, with renowned Bass
amp 2.0 features such as integrated chromatic bass tuner, refined
tone-shaping tools including 4 bands of EQ, SpectraComp™ 'per
string compression', TubeTone™ 'complete Tube pre- and power amp
recreation' and TweeterTone™ 'intelligent HF control' as well as
the unique 3 user-defined memories, Blacksmith takes bass
amplification to a new level in more than one respect.

Anyone using different basses or changing playing style during
shows, knows that a few amp presets would be welcome. Blacksmith
offers 3 on-board user memories for effortless switching between
4 and 5-string basses or Rickenbackers and Fenders for that
matter. Alternatively, three entirely different tones for one
bass can be stored – e.g. overdrive, slap and a vintage tone.

8, 4 or 2 ohms, your choice
Blacksmith is capable handling cabinet combinations all the way
down to 2 ohms, so ultimately, four RS410 cabinets could be fired
up simultaneously – that's 16 x 10" or 8.7 square foot of speaker
cones blasting air at the bass player standing in front of the
rig… Better put that foot on the monitor to keep upright.

Blacksmith – be prepared, this will get loud!

Available: Now

US$3,599 MSRP / €2,350 List Price (excl. VAT)

Blacksmith Main Features:
• Power – 1600 watts (4500 watts peak).
• Presets – 3 user-defined presets.
• On-board chromatic tuner – Always active for instant pitch
monitoring at any time.
• SpectraComp™ – Multi-band compression – the musical way to
• TubeTone™ – Emulation of both the tube preamp and tube power
amp sections.
• 4-band EQ – Semi-parametric Bass, Lo-Mid, Hi-Mid and Treble.
• TweeterTone™ – Front panel tweeter level control for crisp and
modern bass tones.
• Transformer balanced Line Driver – Studio-grade DI for
ultra-clean signals to PAs or DAWs.

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