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TC Electronic has unveiled Engage, an all new algorithm technology available for license soon exclusively on the System 6000 platform. Engage is a tool for translating 5.1 mixes into two channel virtual 3D audio on headphones. The algorithm processes 5.1 mixes created for cinema, DVD and audio only formats (eg. DTS and DVD-audio) to achieve an engaging surround reproduction using ordinary headphones. "Several years of research have gone into the development of three-dimensional sound reproduction in two channels", says Product Manager, Niels Helbo. "The Engage algorithm is the very first of a whole family of Engage algorithms, which will add totally new perspectives to 5.1 productions, whether you're in the multi-media industry, in DVD-productions, or anywhere in the Film-, Post and audio industry, where 5.1 is applicable."

After having finished a 5.1 music or film mix, you can now deliver optimum surround results for those of your listeners using headphones. A Binaural version needing only the extra production and approval time it takes to do one real-time transfer. From flight entertainment, over web-content and games to headphone optimized tracks on ordinary MiniDiscs and CDs.

The Engage algorithm enables you to input up to five channels simultaneously. These five channels will be positioned as a "L, C, R, Ls, Rs" (5.0-mix) in the headphones, providing you with an engaging surround sound in two channels.

System 6000 thus offers an integrated and flexible solution to tailoring a 5.1-mix to different headphone listening conditions:

  • When you need dynamic range conditioning of the 5.1 signal before format conversion through Engage.
  • When you need peak limiting of the Engaged mix.
  • When you need pristine 5.1 Ambience or Room Simulation because of the confined headphone environment.
  • When you wish to compare 5.1 down-mixed to normal stereo against 5.1 down-mixed using Engage.
  • When you need special treatment of the LFE channel or the low frequency spectrum of your mix.

"Clearly, both 3D and dynamics processing have been in the market for a number of years from a range of different companies," comments Program Manager, Thomas Lund. He continues, "However, we believe that the technologies from TC Electronic offer a significant improvement compared to what is currently available. The combination of multidirectional reflection patterns and perceptively enhanced binaural mapping must be heard to be believed.

The Engage algorithm will have a license fee of US$ 499.

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