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3DDelays is a new plugin from SpinAudio's 3D Positional Audio series. The plugin combines multi-tap delay effect and 3D audio positioning, so that each delay tap can be freely placed at any point in a 3D sound field around human head. This allows to reach spaciousness not possible with any conventional multi-tap delay unit.

Each of plugin's six taps is true stereo and has feedback control, switchable low/high pass filter, tap gain and on/off button that allows to completely disable the tap, so that it doesn't consume any cpu cycles. The taps are placed in 3D space using Positioning Area that supports elevation mode and three distance fields. To easily create rhythm patterns synced to tempo, 3DDelays can be switched to set delays based on tempo and measure.

3DDelays is shipped with default HRTF set based on KEMAR data as it provides good perception of elevation and low cpu usage. Alternative HRTF sets are available for downloading from SpinAudio web site and can be installed in addition to the default set.

The plugin has a comprehensive preset system that includes A/B setups for quick comparison, inter-instance presets for transferring plugin state between instances, file presets to exchange with other people and preset banks for instant preset recall. The product is shipped with a bank of 44 ready-to-use presets.

3DDelays is one of two complementary products based on the idea of combining delay effect and 3D positioning. The second plugin called 3DChorus that will address delay modulation type of effects and is planned to be available later in September.

Product key features:

  • Six 2 second stereo delay lines with independent feedback
  • Highly optimized and expandable 3D Positional Audio engine that supports multiple installable HRTF Sets, HRTF subsets, distance simulation and two near field effects for positioning taps in 3D soundfield
  • Free and tempo synced settings of delays
  • Switchable Low-Pass/High-pass filter on each tap


  • Sample rates supported: up to 96Khz and higher
  • Internal processing precision: 32-bit floating point
  • True stereo-in/stereo-out signal processing
  • Maximum tap delay: 2 seconds
  • 3D Positional Technique: HRTF based. Maximum HRTF length supported: 512 samples

System Requirements:

Windows 98/ME/2000, Pentium 266, 32 Mb of RAM, Video adapter that supports running in high color mode 800x600. 3Mb of free hard disk space.

3DDelays 1.0 can be purchased in the SpinAudio OnLine Shop and also through distributors. The product is available standalone with a retail price of 90 USD and as a part of Pro versions bundle that includes also 3DPanner Studio, RoomVerb and SpinDelay plugins. Pro versions bundle is priced at 175 USD.

Registered Pro versions bundle users can get the product for free.

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