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SpinAudio's 3D Positional Audio plug-in line has grown with a release of 3DPanner Motion Effects VST/DX audio plug-in.

The plug-in shares the same 3D positioning concept as complimentary 3DPanner Studio plugin. Using binaural panning technique based of Hrtf functions it allows to place sound in a 3D soundfield using conventional stereo output. While 3DPanner Studio supports only static positioning, 3DPanner Motion Effects implements motion 3D engine that allows to continuously change 3D position without introducing any sound artifacts to processing signal.

Besides supporting VST automation that allows you to draw your free motion path, 3DPanner Motion Effects offers three oscillators on X, Y and Elevation. With these oscillators you can easily create a lot of most useful motion curves: circle, ellipse, parabola, butterfly, arc, fly-by, and a lot of more complex ones.

The plug-in fully supports VST 2.0 MIDI interface that allows to sync motion start/stop and control oscillators in real-time via MIDI control messages. The plugin MIDI Map editor is provided for custom tuning. Support for MIDI automation through Cakewalk's MFX interface and also through DirectX8 will be added in the next product update.

Steinberg's Nuendo users will enjoy the product's built-in support for special panner mode that allows to use Nuendo channel surround panner to control the plugin.

Product key features:

  • Highly optimized and expandable 3D Positional Audio engine that supports multiple installable HRTF Sets, HRTF subsets, distance simulation and two near field effects
  • VST parameter automation support to create free motion paths
  • Oscillators on dimensions to create parametric motion paths
  • Syncing and parameters control through VST 2.0 MIDI interface
  • Tempo control
  • Quick paths
  • The plugin can work as a panner in Steinberg's Nuendo


  • Sample rates supported: up to 110Khz
  • Internal processing precision: 32-bit floating point
  • True stereo-in/stereo-out signal processing
  • 3D Positional Technique: HRTF based. Maximum hrtf length supported: 512 samples
  • Supported preset formats: Format dependant (VST, DX), preset banks, inter-instance presets, file presets

System Requirements

Platform: Intel Pentium, and compatible CPUs Operating Systems: Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP

Minimal Configuration

Pentium 100, 32 Mb of RAM, Video adapter that supports running in high color mode. 4Mb of free hard disk space.

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