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Here's a fresh supply of expertly performed and professionally produced multitrack drum loops (http://www.smartloops.com/products/multitracks/) for your music. Fast Rock 3 (http://www.smartloops.com/products/multitracks/fast-rock-3.html) — Like them fast and furious? These are great for aggressive rock and punk tunes that need a solid groove; includes heavy tom grooves perfect for a bridge or solo section; Medium Straight Rock 9 (http://www.smartloops.com/products/multitracks/medium-straight-rock-9.html ) — Unique grooves, great for songs with many different sections; with light hi-hat patterns to some big fills and hard-hitting rides; Slow-Medium Straight Rock 4 (http://www.smartloops.com/products/multitracks/slow-medium-straight-rock-4.html) — Grooves with a sharp snare back-beat and some unusual crash hits; some train-type beats too. Each MultiTracks library is only $14.99. And for a limited time you can download all three libraries for just $29; or go big and download the Complete MultiTracks Bundle (36 libraries) for just $299. Visit the SL MultiTracks (http://www.smartloops.com/products/multitracks/) page for details or to order now.
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