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In view of all the over-compressed drum samples available in the marketplace we at Samplecraze decided to process drum samples beyond the ceiling whilst maintaining their sonic integrity. Something that our competitors have not been able to achieve. Whilst over-compressing drum samples has been a technique used for a long time, most have not been able to avoid the usual problems associated with over-compression: noise, distortion, sonic anomalies and artefcats and so on are by products of badly overcompressed drum samples and the techniques required to drive through the ceiling and go beyond the clip (digital ceiling) have more to do with experience and understanding gain structuring and dynamic management. At Samplecraze we have always believed, and taught, that maintaining the dynamic range is of utmost importance when processing any audio data. However, in this instance, we decided to experiment and see how far we could go beyond the ceiling without experiencing sonic anomalies and the result is Square Wave Drums. As the title implies we have gone beyond the ceiling and in some cases by as much as 12dB. We have had this particular pack tested by a number of artistes and studios and have taken their views on board and all have approved and enquired as to how we achieved such a vast range beyond the ceiling. We are writing an article on why and how this was achieved but for now we are offering this pack to everyone and in the process we are hoping that users can appreciate that simply overcompressing a sample does not mean that it is both loud and sonically stable. There are techniques that go into managing and maintaining the sonic integrity of a sample whilst driving the gain values. Mastering engineers adopt many such techniques. This pack contains 200 kick samples, 200 snare samples and 150 clap samples. We decided that a musical demo would defeat the object and goal of this sample pack as any musical content would have required additional processing to balance levels etc. In view of the above we are offering a FREE sample pack demo that contains 30 assorted samples from the pack in raw format so you can audition and decide whether you like the content. In effect, what you hear is exactly what you get. Square Wave Drums is not just an experiment we have conducted but a drum sample pack that we are very proud of and we will always continue to try to break new gorund in sample presentation. Link to product: http://www.samplecraze.com/product.php/270/45/square-wave-drums/
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