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Roland is proud to announce V-Producer software for use with the groundbreaking VP-9000 VariPhrase Processor. A proprietary technology, VariPhrase is capable of independently manipulating the three most fundamental elements of sound—Pitch, Time, and Formant—using an encoding process called "Wave Training." Once encoded, music and audio can be played back at any pitch, key, and tempo. V-Producer software, when used with the VP-9000, makes it possible to encode and control audio files more quickly and comprehensively using a computer.

V-Producer software functions as a computer-based sequencing and encoding tool for the VP-9000. This includes onscreen arrangement of audio phrases, 6-channel mixing and effects setup, plus more precise, graphic editing of Pitch, Time, and Formant—making V-Producer ideal for studio-based applications.

To encode audio files via computer, users simply load any .WAV or AIFF file into the accompanying V-Trainer software; samples recorded on the VP-9000 can be loaded via Zip disk. Once opened, the audio files can be encoded and edited—including the "Hold Loop Point"—for use in the VP-9000; batch encoding of multiple waveforms is also possible. With V-Trainer, more sophisticated wave training can be performed with the convenience of a computer. Encoded audio files must be saved to Zip disk and loaded back into the VP-9000 for performance.

Once loaded into the VP-9000, VariPhrase samples can be arranged in V-Producer’s Main Window. Using a simple "drag and drop" interface, complete VariPhrase songs can be constructed by arranging phrases graphically on the computer. And to facilitate selection of phrases, the Main Window permits previewing of audio files in the wave list.

Even more powerful is the Phrase Scope Window, which makes V-Producer particularly useful in non-performance applications. Phrase Scope allows users to edit Pitch, Time, and Formant within audio phrases using a visual interface for complete and accurate control. In Phrase Scope, VariPhrase samples appear in a piano roll-type screen, making it easy to modify any portion of a phrase as the loop plays back. A Mixer and Effects window is also provided for displaying VP-9000 performances as a 6-channel mixer with control over volume, internal effects, and signal routing.

An extremely flexible program, V-Producer can be used as a stand-alone application, or it can be synced to other sequencers using MIDI clock or MTC. Complete V-Producer arrangements—including Phrase Scope—can also be saved as Standard MIDI Files for controlling the VP-9000 with other sequencing hardware or software.

V-Producer software is available for Mac (VPD-1A) and PC (VPD-1W). Current PC system requirements include a 266MHz Pentium MMX processor (Pentium II or greater recommended) running Windows 98, 64MB RAM or greater, a minimum of 20MB available hard disk space, and a Zip drive (when using V-Trainer). Mac system requirements include a PowerPC processor (233mHz or greater recommended) running Mac OS 8.6 or later, 64MB RAM or greater, a minimum of 20MB available hard disk space, and a Zip drive (when using V-Trainer). V-Producer software also requires a VP-9000 for playing back VariPhrase performances; up to six VP-9000’s can be controlled by V-Producer for a complete VariPhrase-based audio workstation.

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