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Recording School Online has just released several VST audio plugins designed to simplify high quality music production. Ever wonder how world-class recording studios and producers get that great vocal sound or how they make a bass guitar wonderfully fat but not step on other tracks?

Well as you may know it is done using a series of processors, many of which are vintage and costly. Also the appropriate settings on these processors and sequence that the audio chain is of utmost importance and not with-in the realm of most home recording engineers.

Knowing this problem, RSO decided to design audio plugins that made it easy for the home recording engineer to get these production techniques quick and easy with out spending an arm and a leg.

What RSO did was design several complex mutli-effects configured to reproduce a number of classic recording techniques. The idea was make them easy to use and as fool-proof as possible. Also, RSO wanted to make them very affordable and within reach of home recording studios.

Here are some of the first:
Vocal Magic - This plugin combines the classic and modern in order to get a great vocal quickly. It is a blend of analog tape emulation, vocal thickening and doubling as well as a four band parametric equalizer all designed to work with vocals. The great thing is how easy it is to use.

Extreme Punch - Back in the days of analog recording there was one very outstanding recording tool. It was analog tape. Analog tape had one great advantage, it was warm and fat.

When the magnetic partials on analog tape become saturated, they created the best compression that ever existed. The result was a fat and dense signal which was both warm and punchy. We created a plugin to do just that called Extreme Punch. We made it easy to use and fool proof. We doubt you will find a more authentic analog tape emulator at any price. These are just two of the newly design VST Audio Plugins. All our currently half-price. All RSO Plug-ins are in the VST format and designed to work with all programs that support this format including Cubase, Sonar, Ableton Live and FL Studio.

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