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Rayzoon is pleased to announce the release of update 1.6 for its virtual drummer, VSTi Jamstix. This update implements many enhancements and fixes.


  • 'Load Mapping' dialog now offers filtering, previewing and mapping contents listing
  • added 'Random' button to mapping tab to randomize kick, snare and hihat selections
  • added 'eMode' for use with ePak
  • added 12 fills and 24 rhythms
  • 8th shuffle play now suppresses 16ths before quarters leading to better fitting fill and accent performances
  • when repeating an audio free jam, Jamstix now maintains decisions and repeats the jam identical unless 'Clear Arrangement' is used
  • MIDI key D5 (#86) now chokes the last hit crash, splash or china cymbals
  • right-click on a rhythm name in the arranger now opens a menu with the options to load, name, remove or move the rhythm
  • added new jam habit: if all quarter hihats are semi or open, notes generated by the 'Eighths' and 'Sixteenth' boxes will use semi instead of closed sounds
  • added fill filters/limits to allow simplification of fill playback via an icon next to the 'Fill Frequency' slider
  • improved voice reduction quality
  • added arrows to sample list for easy 'step-through'
  • improved semi hat, open hat and tom voice concurrency (apparent choking) with higher voice reduction levels
  • increased limb transition time to the hihat when playing fills, intros or endings
  • improved limb assignment logic to avoid high priority note dropping under certain circumstances
  • suppresses rhythm change crash when switching muted rhythms
  • added 'Mute Brain' automation parameter to allow manual silencing without choked notes
  • single-bar liveloops are now possible
  • rhythm changes to a rhythm with no kick on beat 1 will no longer allow the change crash/kick combo to be played
  • the preset menu for sub-hosted VSTi is now updated whenever the 'Preset' button is clicked
  • the following default values can now be set in the jamstix.ini file: FillFrequency, CymbalFrequency, Accentuation, Complexity, Funkiness
  • when locking a rhythm that is not active in the arranger with Jamstix paused, Jamstix no longer switches to the active rhythm
  • Jamstix now remembers last directory a sound DLL was loaded from
  • Jamstix no longer loads support data when scanned by Cakewalk VST adapter
  • latency is now continuously updated to avoid synch problems when latency is changed in the host while JS is open
  • when used in Logic, a BarOffset of 10 is now automatically used
  • mapping sample list now remembers last selection
  • optional 'Accentuation' and 'CymbalFrequency' ini parameters now also influence default rhythm settings of accent and cymbal sliders
  • mouse-over on hihat slots now shows velocity information
  • implements some JamBassist integration
  • funkiness can now be controlled via controller 50 and complexity via 51

Note that using these controllers makes the jam session un-repeatable so you need to record the Jamstix MIDI output if you want to capture the performance.


  • fixed internal sounds loading when LateWSLoad active but 'MIDI Out Only' specified
  • fixed voice release issues at very high latencies
  • fixed closed hats playing at full velocity when choking semi or open hats
  • fixed MIDI export BPM rounding issue
  • fixed 'Always Ride' automation
  • fixed only toms 1 and 5 being used with external sounds
  • fixed volume displays including other outputs when using multi-out mapping
  • fixed percussion checkboxes not showing active status when clicked with right mouse button
  • fixed some missing note-off events in MIDI export and output when 'MIDI-Out Only' is active and some under circumstances are given

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