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New from Radial Engineering is the JD6 6-channel, rack mountable direct box that has been designed specifically to address the greater demands in touring that today include interfacing computers and digital electronics with quieter and sonically superior audio systems.

The Radial JD6 is full-feature, multi-channel passive direct box that employs Jensen Transformers to convert the high-impedance from keyboards and drum machines to a balanced, low impedance mic-level for use in concert snake systems. Jensen Transformers are known for their warm Bessel curve and in their ability to handle transients without introducing harmonic distortion or phase distortion. This is particularly significant when interfacing instruments with line arrays where phase coherence is of prime importance, according to the company. At 20Hz, the JD6 measures in at less than 0.006% distortion and with only 4° deviation.

The JD6's passive transformer design provides 100% electrical isolation between the input source and output, thus eliminating problems such as hum & buzz caused by so called 'ground-loops' and common mode noise (-100dB @60Hz) due to varying ground referential. A series of internal ground switches allow each channel to 'float' or be configured in a star-ground to the chassis. A separate ground-lug is provided on the rear panel to bond the JD6 chassis to a rack if this is preferred. A further ground options allows channel-1 to serve as a common chassis-ground with an easy access side button.

To simplify interfacing with computer sound cards, DVDs and other electronic media equipment, the 1st two "Swiss Army" channels of the JD6 are outfitted with additional jacks and features. These include 1/4" switching jacks with front-panel priority whereby when connected, the signal is rerouted from the usual rear connections to the front like a studio patch bay. This is particularly handy when using the JD6 in a portable studio environment. The 1/4" jacks feature a merge function that converts the input and thru-put into a left-right to mono resistive mix. This handy feature makes summing stereo keyboards easy when mixer channels may be limited, and this does not introduce the usual phase problems caused by Y-jacks. Two RCA connectors are accessed with a push-button thus allowing channels 1&2 to work double duty. These are pre-merged to sum mono for use with CD players or other media. A low-pass filter is also provided to reduce high frequency noise caused by CRT screens or when interfacing with older, vintage gear that tends to be noisy.

All 6 channels feature XLR pin-1 ground lift, 180 polarity reverse to interface with old pin-3 'hot' gear and a --20dB pad for excessive input levels. Following the Radial tradition for quality, the JD6 is made of 14-gauge welded steel and finished in a baked enamel coat. A series of write-able labeling zones on both the front and rear panel make identifying channels easy. This is of particular importance when using the JD6 in large keyboard and electronic drum set-ups where as many as 24 channels are sometimes used in tandem. Rear panel connections include input, thru and XLR output. All connectors are isolated to eliminate noise and cross-talk.

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