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RaySpace, the world's only real-time impulse response designer, has been updated. You can now export the current impulses to be used in convolution reverbs. Edit, listen, then quickly export impulses as full 32 bit, 5 channel reverb outputs. The high quality surround reverb can of course be enjoyed natively in RaySpace. With surrounding walls, source and listener positions updated while you listen. A stereo width controller has been added to further manipulate the reverb, allowing for tighter mono, or wide spacious stereo signals.

Metering levels for quiet passages has also been enhanced, for a more accurate and useful feedback. Update summary:

  • An Impulse Response exporter! Up to 5 channels exported in 32 bit IEEE float format WAV or RAW. Use RaySpace designs in convolution reverbs.
  • 5 Channel surround sound, RaySpace now incorporates centre speaker arrangements in 5.1 setups.
  • Stereo Width control gives fine adjustments from a mono reverb to wide 'beyond' speaker position spreads.
  • More sensitive metering on all channels.
  • Free for all registered users since version 1!

RaySpace main features:

  • Create fantastic surround reverbs using a completely unique engine: the new DBT (Diffuse Bubble Tracing) system.
  • Draw walls of any angle, allowing complex room shapes.
  • Four band parametric equaliser, for complete control of output!
  • Ray scattering algorithms for adding randomisation to wall reflections, giving roughness and character to the rooms.
  • Get a real grasp of the virtual space with the 3D ROOM VIEWER. Using zoom and spin with the mouse - watch and listen to actual height adjustments.
  • Reverb updates almost instantly!
  • Export impulse response feature, so you can still use your designs in other reverb units.
  • ZERO latency.
  • RaySpace does NOT use convolution algorithms, it's a completely original design. And unlike convolution, long reverb times use the same CPU as short ones, allowing you to make huge spaces!
  • Stereo Width control gives fine adjustments from mono reverb, to 'beyond' speaker position spreads.
  • Compact size. RaySpace does not need huge resource files to store the reverbs, as they only take up a few kilobytes each!
  • 45 presets for instant tweaking.
  • Works with all sample rates.

OS: Windows & Mac OS-X
Format: VST
Cost: $90

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