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Puremagnetik has released Microtron™ XL - a bundle of 3 tapes from  
Puremagnetik's popular Microtron series. All of the original 
performance nuances of the Mellotron M400 have been immaculately 
captured through a Neumann U47 Microphone and Reeves Custom 50 

Microtron XL integrates seamlessly into Ableton Live 8, Kontakt 3/4 
and Logic 8/9. It comes packed with a palette of 9 expertly recorded 
instruments and over 1 Gigabyte of multisample content.

The Ableton Live version contains 9 individual multisampled 
instruments and a full "tape" instrument that has similar sound 
blending functionality as found on the original M400. Microtron XL 
also comes packed with over 150 professionally performed phrases 
complete with Macro and effects integration.

Microtron XL for Kontakt includes all 9 multisampled instruments 
complete with effects and a custom KSP user interface. Logic and 
Kontakt versions both come with a collection of over 150 
professionally performed Apple Loops in SIAL format.

Microtron XL includes the following instruments as programmed from the 
original tapes.

MK II Flute - Undoubtedly the sound that defines Mellotron, the MKII 
flute instantly conjures images of 1967 Abbey Road. Not only the most 
famous Mellotron sound, but perhaps the eeriest, the MKII flute's 
dubious pitching has been in question throughout the decades. The 
change in timbre (they say two flutes were used) and odd intonation 
only adds to the haunting and mesmerizing character of this timeless 

Octave Recorders - The Octave Recorder is a newer sound composed of 
soprano, alto and tenor recorders. Playing fast staccato chords on 
this one can make it sound a bit like a harmonium. It has a solid 
woody tone with breathy articulations and is definitely a contender to 
fill up the mix with some organic elements.

Cello - Renown for its melancholy timbre and described by some as 
"wheezing and groaning" the Cello sound was originally recorded in the 
1960s. A double bassist was used for the lower registers. Apparently 
the original session cellist did not wish to detune his cello for fear 
of damaging the instrument. Nonetheless, the Microtron Cello recording 
is undoubtedly a unique character in the tape library.

Clarinet - The original Mk1 Clarinet that was discontinued but re-
introduced for Puremagnetik's Microtron series. Warm and woody, the 
Microtron clarinet has an authentic sound that captures a vintage 
flavor all its own. The Microtron clarinet patch is programmed an 
octave higher for quick harmonic layering with other Microtron sounds.

French Horn - Big and brassy, the Microtron French Horn is a uniquely 
expressive addition to the Microtron collection.

Glenn Miller - Glenn Miller disappeared from the radar in 1944, but 
now he has returned for one last swingin' arrangement in your DAW! 
Glenn Miller inspires hours of fun and creativity with layered brass 
sounds, warped, flanged and mangled in the classic Mellotron tape style.

Brass - The recorded combined output of two saxophones, two trumpets 
and a trombone, this is a powerful and punchy sound much beloved of 
King Crimson, Rick Wakeman, The Moody Blues and even John Lennon who 
thoughtfully recorded most of a demo of'Strawberry Fields Forever' 
using the black Mellotron Mk II he kept on his half landing.
Never fails to impress. Never fails to scare small children either.

8 Voice Choir - Certainly one of the major 'classic' Mellotron sounds, 
and perhaps the most arresting, this recording of four females and 
four males was first used in the early 1970s with the advent of the 
M400 and was widely used by rock groups who found that the sound of a 
Mellotron was a bit better than the sound of their chronic off-key 

String Section - A combination of violins, viola and cello, these 
multisampled strings are pre-arranged to sound huge! Layer them 
together in chords or clusters for some outlandish string effects.

Price: $29 USD

• Requires Ableton Live 8.2.1, Kontakt 3.5 or Logic 8
• 250 MB of physical RAM
• 1.2 Gigabytes (GB) of free hard disk space

Please visit www.puremagnetik.com for more info.


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