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Primacoustic has announced the Stratus™, an attractive 'above-console' acoustic cloud intended to absorb unwanted early reflections, flutter echo and control resonance in the critical mix position. Designed to be quickly constructed on site, the Stratus comes as a complete kit with a 2" thick, 24" x 48" high-density 6lb per cubic foot acoustic fiberglass panel that is encapsulated in a micromesh and then resin treated around the edges. The panel is then covered in an acoustically transparent fabric. Two light-weight aluminum outer rails are bridged together with 'L' shaped beams and the device is suspended using wire above the console. Stratus clouds are meant to be clustered in groups to span the width of the console to create 'cloud formations' and angled to vary the air space between the Stratus and the ceiling to help control a broader frequency spectrum. Once mounted, the engineer will immediately enjoy a more controlled acoustic environment, larger sweet spot and reduced ear fatigue.

Primacoustic Intros Maxtrap Corner Bass Trap
The Primacoustic MaxTrap is combination broadband absorber and bass trap that employs three sound absorbing principles at once to control the acoustics in a room. These help eliminate secondary reflections and flutter echo, absorb standing waves, and control bass down to 75Hz. Placed in a corner, the MaxTrap features an elegantly finished front panel that is housed in a high-density wood composite frame. The panel is made from 3" thick high-density fiberglass that is fully encapsulated in micromesh with resin hardened edges to absorb mid and high frequencies. To help tame standing waves and increase low-frequency absorption, a deep air cavity behind the face panel extends back 17" to the corner, creating the bass trap. This is augmented with a heavy suspended diaphragmatic membrane that vibrates to attenuate powerful lower bass energy. To reduce freight costs MaxTrap ships flat and it is assembled in minutes using everyday tools and is available with choice of black, beige or gray front panel making it easy to adapt to most color schemes. Ideally suited for any studio installation, the MaxTrap will be of particular interest to those with small rooms that are prone to flutter echo, room nulls and excessive bass in the difficult 75Hz t0 200Hz region.

Radial Phazer brings phase alignment tool to the masses
In today's fast paced environment of professional touring, getting the sound-check done quickly has never been more important. The Radial Phazer helps speed up the process by providing the engineer with an easy to use analogue phase adjustment tool that allows two sounds to be combined and amplified in phase. Typical applications include combining the direct feed from a guitar amplifier with the mic' signal or combining two microphones on a kick drum. With the simple twist of a knob, both sounds come into focus like a pair of binoculars. The results are fat, rich tones that are less subject to variables such as room acoustics. This produces more consistent results for the audience and makes it much easier to mix for 'in-ear' and wedge monitors. 100% discreet class-A electronics assure the very best audio signal path while a variable low-pass filter allows the engineer to limit the phase adjustments to any desired cut-off point.

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