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The Octatrack is soon upon us.

To prepare you for its arrival Elektron will publish weekly information slides on www.elektron.se. This week we showcase the audio editor and slice points.

Previous slides have showcased: Octatrack Machines, The Next Generation Elekton Step Sequencer, Scenes & The Optical Crossfader and Track LFOs & The LFO Designer. All slides are accompanied by audio examples.

The audio editor The audio editor is where editing of imported or recorded samples takes place. The sample waveform is displayed graphically in the audio editor and for precise interaction waveform zoom and zero crossing search commands are available. A number of tasks are carried out in the audio editor. Trimming, loop point settings, normalization and, maybe most important of all, slice point handling.

Slice Points Slice points are markers that offer a flexible way of dividing a sample in different regions. Set the slice points either automatically by transient detection or manually by using the data entry knobs. Once the sample is sliced parameter locks can make different steps of the sequencer play back different sample regions. In the audio editor it is even possible to customize or randomize the playback of slice points. Keep shuffling the slice points around until the perfect loop is obtained. Slice points make it easy to break down samples and restructure them from the ground up.

About the Octatrack DPS-1 The Octatrack DPS-1 is a 8 track dynamic performance sampler. The Octatrack is ideal for radical audio processing and performance oriented sampling. Every track features real-time pitch scaling & time stretch and the next generation Elektron step sequencer has been designed with maximum usability and efficiency in mind.

About Elektron Music Machines Elektron Music Machines pioneers the development of electronic instruments by creating innovative, user friendly and magic sound sources. Their Machinedrum and Monomachine pro-duct lines are widely acclaimed for their stellar sound and unique sequencer capabilities.

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