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Nik Huber again proves his craftsmanship with his latest creation, the "Krautster". After the highly decorated "Twangmeister", the "Krautster" now demonstrates the current "meister"-piece. The guitar combines a plain and timeless design with an extraordinary sound quality, and its less-is-more-concept shows nothing less than the very essence of pure Rock! This makes the "Krautster" a guitar with a breathtaking energy and personate the perfect tool for the fierce rock guitarist. The flat mahogany body and the curly maple neck with its rosewood-fretboard lay ground for the strong and self confident sound of the "Krautster", while the special made H&aunl;ussel humbucker, which optionally can be partnered by a P90 soapbar at the neck, blows the Krautster's sound to the amp. The high quality of all the other components and the praised craftsmanship of this maker play perfectly their parts to make the "Krautster" another highlight of Nik Huber's prominent guitar catalogue. This guitar was one of highlights of the latest NAMM show, people were talking "Krautster" and whisperin' about its oh so friendly price, compared to the others on the Huber pricelist.
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