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PlayPro Software, Inc., makers of PlayPro interactive Guitar and PlayPro interactive Bass, has developed several new features which significantly expand the capabilities of the programs. The newest versions of PlayPro Deluxe interactive Guitar and PlayPro Deluxe Interactive Bass include a new virtual tuner, virtual effects rack for real-time effects processing, and features designed for use in hard disk recording.

The PlayPro Deluxe Interactive Guitar and PlayPro Deluxe Interactive Bass packages come complete with 2 CD-ROMs, 2 audio CDs, and a 200 page illustrated book. The over 200 exercises cover all levels of playing from beginner to professional. The highly interactive course is focused on a Virtual Fretboard which 'lights up' in time with the audio, enabling the student to see exactly what, where and when notes should be played. All the videos are shown from a player's perspective - what you see is what you play. The entire course can be completed without reading music, or music and TAB notation can be activated at any stage. The student can play along with recorded 'live' musicians or with the MIDI machine, which transposes, loops, changes tempo and performs additional MIDI functions. In a major technological breakthrough, students can connect their instruments directly to the computer's sound card without using a specialized interface. Suggested retail price for PlayPro Deluxe Interactive Guitar and PlayPro Deluxe Interactive Bass is $99.00.

PlayPro has also debuted software-only versions of their guitar and bass packages, which omit the audio CDs and the instruction book, but contain all software necessary for complete utilization of the program. Suggested retail price for the software-only versions of PlayPro Interactive Guitar and PlayPro Interactive Bass is $69.00.

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