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The feel of a great guitar. Tone that's more like a voice than a note. Gear that fits your individual style like a glove. This is the great quest of every musician. Influenced by everything from street culture, and global design movements, to ancient weapons design and even architecture, Brian Griffith, designer and owner of Anthology takes a holistic approach to pushing the design of the instrument strap in new directions. "With the onset of the Internet, we have so much more access to artistic and cultural happenings, than ever before. It really fuels the design process," he says. Whether sparked by a line from a classic hotrod or an etching from an ancient Ottoman sword, the design process is given the respect and time it needs to create really thoughtful pieces. Selecting the finest full-grain leathers in the world is the foundation for every piece that Anthology creates. The natural surface of the full grain leather has all the scrapes and scars where the cow had been gored by barbed wire, bitten by a coyote or branded, and each piece burnishes and beautifies with use. But it's not just about the look. Full-grain leather is the best leather money can buy. It comes from the top layer of the hide, which has ALL of the grain, and all of the strength. These straps are rugged throughout, and strong enough at the eyehole to hold your guitar without fear. To top it off, Anthology uses ultra-soft full grain leather, and high-density padding on the shoulder side of the strap to maximize comfort. Anthology stands behind every piece it creates with a lifetime warranty. "These straps are built to last longer and age better than Keith Richards," says Griffith. With a holistic approach, and an obsession with detail, Anthology seeks to create a vital link in the artists' chain of self-expression. Product Specifications:
No Quarter:
A modern twist on the classic Iron Cross, hand-rubbed, always unique, with loads of raw details. For those about to rock...
Length: 38" - 51"; 3" wide
Available Colors: Aged Steel
Price: US $169.00
Walk the Line:
Vintage Americana, inspired by American roots music, and the great American hotrod. Pin stripe stitching and embroidery.
Length: 38" - 51"; 3" wide
Available Colors: Carbon Black, Dark Coffee, Black Whiskey
Price: US $169.00
Inspired by a classic Celtic weave, with a modern interpretation.
Length: 38" - 51"; 3" wide
Available Colors: Carbon Black, Dark Coffee, Dark Tobacco???Price: US $149.00 Icon:
Inspired by modern urban design. Laser-etched with elaborate embroidery.
Length: 38" - 51"; 3" wide
Available Colors: Carbon Black, Black Whiskey
Price: US $189.00
Inspired by the design of ancient tools of warfare. The head and tailpiece reflect an Indian punching dagger, with the exotic laser etched scrollwork on the body.
Length: 38" - 51"; 3" wide
Available Colors: Carbon Black, Dark Coffee
Price: US $179.00
Product release date: September 2009
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