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Onyx 1220
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Onyx 1620
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Onyx 1640
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Celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, Mackie today issued a powerful reminder of its role in modern-day compact mixer technology with the introduction of Onyx; a new family of FireWire-capable analog consoles designed specifically to bring the best of analog into the digital era.

The Onyx 1220, 1620 and 1640 incorporate the latest advances in Mackie technologies like low-noise microphone preamps and circuitry, durability, plenty of direct instrument inputs, and combines them into a modern footprint that includes a FireWire option for integration into any computer-based system.

The entire Onyx family derives its name from the inclusion of Mackie's Onyx mic pre--the next generation in low-noise microphone preamp circuitry based on the XDR mic pre found in Mackie's compact mixers. They also feature an all-new EQ circuit, developed especially for the Onyx line by industry veteran Cal Perkins, and a new industrial design and layout.

Three small-format mixers make up the Onyx line. The Onyx 1220 is a 12-channel (4 mic/line inputs and eight line inputs) mixer with 2-buses and a three band Perkins EQ with sweepable midrange. The Onyx 1620 is a 16-channel (8 mic/line inputs and four stereo line inputs) mixer with 2-buses and a four-band Perkins EQ with dual sweepable midrange. The Onyx 1640 is a 16-channel (16 mono mic/line inputs) mixer with 4-buses and a four-band Perkins EQ with dual sweepable midrange. Like Mackie's popular 1604-VLZ Pro, the Onyx 1640 also includes a rotatable I/O pod that can be easily configured for rack or desktop use, keeping the unsightly collection of cables hidden.

Bridging the link between analog and digital, each Onyx mixer includes an upgrade slot for an optional FireWire card. Dan Steinberg, Product Development Manager for the Onyx line explains, "Professional and project studio owners, as well as gigging musicians will all appreciate the FireWire option. It allows them to output a combination of direct outputs (from every single input channel on the mixer) and the L-R mix directly into a FireWire equipped computer, and, at the same time, return 2 channels of computer audio back to the mixer for monitoring through the control room/phones matrix. In this way, Onyx mixers are an ideal front end for a digital audio workstation, or portable multitrack interface for live recording with a laptop computer."

Mackie's Onyx mixers will begin shipping in Q2, 2004. Suggested retail prices are $639.99 for the Onyx 1220, $919.00 for the Onyx 1620, and $1539.99 for the Onyx 1640 (all prices in USD). The optional FireWire card has a suggested retail price of $499.99 USD.

Key Features:

  • Balanced analog direct outs for every channel via DB-25 connection
  • Selectable instrument inputs on first two channels -- no DI box needed
  • Premium Onyx mic preamps:
    • Four on Onyx 1220
    • Eight on Onyx 1620
    • Sixteen on Onyx 1640
  • Perkins EQ
    • 3-band with sweepable midrange on Onyx 1220
    • 4-band with sweepable midrange on Onyx 1620 & Onyx 1640
  • Individual four-segment meters on all channels
  • 24-bit 96kHz FireWire option for streaming up to 18-channels of multitrack audio to a computer and at the same time return 2 channels back to the mixer for monitoring
  • Aux sends with individual Pre/Post switches
    • Two on Onyx 1220
    • Four on Onyx 1620
    • Six on Onyx 1640 (Solo on all aux sends)
  • Built-in talkback section for use with internal or external microphones
  • True hardware EQ bypass
  • "Planet Earth" compatible power supply
  • Individual 48v Phantom Power switches on all mic inputs
  • Linear taper 60mm fader
  • 4-bus architecture for flexible subgrouping of channels (Onyx 1640 only)
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