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The VX-351 Voyager CV (Control Voltage) Expander adds modular synthesis capability to the Minimoog Voyager analog synthesizer. It provides outputs for the Voyager's control voltages and gate signals and also allows the Voyager to interface with other CV gear.

The VX-351 connects to the Voyager's accessory port by a detachable cable (included). The enclosure is a housing similar to the moogerfooger CP-251 Control Processor, which can also be used with the Voyager to expand its capabilities.

The VX-351 provides 21 CV and Gate outputs from the Voyager. These include:

  • From the Keyboard: gate, pitch voltage, attack velocity voltage, pressure voltage.
  • From the Touch Plate: gate, vertical axis voltage, horizontal axis voltage, area voltage.
  • From the Left Hand Controller: CV produced by the MOD wheel, CV produced by the PITCH BEND wheel.
  • From the LFO: triangle wave, square wave.
  • Output of the sample and hold, smoothed output of the sample and hold circuit.
  • Output of the Noise Generator.
  • Output of the Filter Envelope Generator.
  • Output of the Volume Envelope Generator.
  • Voltage at the MOD 2 input jack.
  • Voltage at the MOD 1 input jack.
  • The PEDAL/ON modulation signal, before it is routed to a destination.
  • The MOD WHEEL modulation signal, before it is routed to a destination.

The VX-351 has two attenuators and two 4-way multiple jack panels for distribution and processing of the Voyager CV's.

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