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Boutique pedal startup Muzemazer announces Chromavoder™, a musical instrument harmonizer featuring two voices of polyphonic chromatic transposition with an eight octave range, breakthrough physics simulation for naturally transposed sound without delay or artifacts, and the playable feel of a tuned musical instrument. Chromavoder™ is the latest invention of code artist A. D. Levine, whose classic masterpieces of realtime physics simulation include Ballblazer, developed for filmmaker George Lucas, and Flowfazer, produced with musician Todd Rundgren. A philosophical orientation toward truth and elegance in natural formulations drives Levine's designs. Muzemazer, Levine's current project, is a solo venture to create unique musical performance technology by applying physical modeling methodology he calls 'organic digital processing.' His first Muzemazer offering, Chromavoder™, simulates an analog circuit or physical device that harmonically multiplies chromatic tones. Due to its tuned architecture, Chromavoder™ is a demanding instrument for wind and fretless string players. "Working with it improves intonation, timbre, and articulation skills," says Levine, a flutist, envisioning Chromavoder™ to be a powerful tool for music education, "the better quality sound you play into it, the stronger its response. It is a new way to hear." The Muzemazer Chromavoder™ is a custom programmed module designed for use with all Line 6 ToneCore° pedals and docks. Further information, along with demonstration recordings by esoteric jazz guitarist Neal Harris, can be found online at http://muzemazer.com. The Muzemazer Chromavoder™ features
Digitally modeled analog polyphonic chromatic instrument harmonizer
Two independent voices each transposing individual notes and chords
Chromatic interval transposition down or up as much as four octaves
Natural sounding physics simulation without delay or artifacts
An instrument itself with an eight octave extended-piano range
Custom programmed module for ToneCore® pedals and docks
$360 USD
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