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Muse Research, Inc. has announced that its UniWire audio and MIDI networking technology for their Receptor hardware plug-in player is now shipping.

UniWire technology lets you off-load processor intensive tasks to your Receptor while retaining complete control and integration with your computer DAW system. This lets you use Receptor as an external, modular DSP processor to accelerate any computer: desktop or laptop, PC or Mac. You can connect multiple Receptors to one host computer letting you create a distributed processing array - perfect for studios, schools, or film / TV composers. All you have to do is install the UniWire plug-in and connect your Receptor to your computer's Ethernet port to take advantage of this new capability.

UniWire is compatible with most VST host computer programs. The Audio Units and RTAS versions of the UniWire plug-in are in final test and pending release. The UniWire software update is available now as a free download from www.plugorama.com.

UniWire lets you run plug-ins on Receptor as if they were in your host computer
Receptor has established itself as the ultimate synth and effects processor for use in a live performance situation. Receptor offers superior sound quality compared to a traditional hardware synths, and superior performance compared with a standard running plug-ins. Now with UniWire, it is possible to leverage superiority in the studio, allowing you to distribute the processing load between your host computer and one or more Receptors.

UniWire lets you run plug-ins on Receptor as if they were running inside your computer. This lets you off-load processor intensive plug-ins to your Receptor, freeing up precious CPU cycles in your host computer. UniWire consists of two components. First is a host computer plug-in, available in VST for Mac or PC (with AU, and RTAS (using a wrapper) versions coming soon). The second is the Version 1.5 Receptor system software that enables the UniWire networking capabilities over a standard Ethernet connection between your Receptor and your host computer, supporting 32-channels of 32-bit audio and hundreds of MIDI channels between your computer and your Receptor.

UniWire lets you run Windows VSTs on your Macintosh
One unique aspect of UniWire with Receptor is the fact that you can run Windows VSTs inside your Macintosh since UniWire provides a unified interface between your Mac host program and your Receptor, which runs Windows-format VST plugins. This significantly expands the capabilities of a Mac computer by allowing the hundred of VST plugins to work with your Mac.

UniWire: unified, complete integration over a single cable. To use UniWire, simply install the UniWire plug-in on your computer and connect a Receptor via Ethernet. The UniWire plug-in will automatically recognize all the Receptors on the network, allowing you to send MIDI or audio data to the Receptor(s). Since most audio / MIDI sequencers provide automatic plug-in delay compensation, the audio results will come back in perfect sync with the rest of your project. And your system remains easy to operate since you can control all the functions of the attached Receptors using Receptor Remote Control software.

Distributed processing made easy...need more power? Just add more Receptors!
High-end Digital Audio Workstations use the concept of processing "farms" to increase their computational capabilities. Now with UniWire, you can connect multiple Receptors to your host computer and divide the processing tasks among multiple Receptors while maintaining central control over them all. And UniWire is completely network aware, meaning that you have access to all Receptors throughout a production facility, allowing you to access any units that are idle.

Of course, each Receptor is still an entirely independent, stand-alone music instrument, therefore it can be used locally either with the front panel controls, a local mouse, keyboard, and monitor, or using a local computer connected to Receptor over Ethernet. And of course, once the project is complete, Receptor is ready to go on the road or onto the scoring stage since it is, after all, the de-facto standard in running plug-ins live.

The UniWire plug-in and Version 1.5 of the system software is available immediately by visiting www.plugorama.com. The update is free of charge to all registered Receptor customers. If you would like more information, a white paper is available for download from the Muse Research website by visiting www.museresearch.com/uniwire.php.

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