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An amazing musical instrument
The K1 grand piano is the latest piano creation of Modartt virtual piano factory. This new instrument combines stunning dynamics, sharp attacks and powerful fortissimos with a very nice woody percussive quality. The result is an amazing musical instrument that invites you to improvise straight away. Its many qualities make it suitable to all styles of music and work beautifully in recording. A new tone colour and a fresh sound: you will enjoy playing it! Based on the Pianoteq engine
The K1 grand piano is based on the award-winning Pianoteq physical model. In contrast to other virtual pianos, Pianoteq models all 127 MIDI velocities, providing a thrilling playing experience by real progressive variation of the timbre. Pianoteq also allows unique modification of physical properties, such as unison width, hammer hardness, string length and soundboard. On top of this, the tone colour and ambience can be controlled by Pianoteq's advanced sound output setting where it is possible to place up to 5 virtual microphones at any position around the instrument. For the most demanding users, the Pianoteq Pro version allows parameter adjustments on a note-per-note basis. The K1 grand piano is free to all Pianoteq customers by being included in the latest version 3.6. It is also included in the latest trial version (free download).
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