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Metropolitan Drum Company debuted three new cocktail drum models this week, all based on a lush 16″ diameter x 24″ deep shell. "Yeah, these babies got curves!" says Matthew Belyea, owner of Metropolitan Drum Co. "We get so many orders for custom-built 16's that we've added them to our catalogue line." Their larger diameter, along with Metropolitan's standard Keller VSS shells, 10.5mm hardware, and 2.3mm hoops gives these drums remarkable depth and range of tone.

"These new models are cannons!" says Belyea, himself a professional drummer. "Cocktails are so portable, so attention grabbing and just a huge blast of fun to play. Once people try Metropolitan drums, they are blown away." Belyea grins. "One taste and you're hooked. If that's not a potent Cocktail, I don't know what is."

The Models added to the line include:
"The Chubster" 16x24 Cocktail Drum, 10x5 metal snare and 8x6 rack tom... $ 899
"The Plushster" 16x24 Cocktail Drum, 10x5 snare, 8x6 rack and 10x12 floor tom... $ 1099
"The Dreamster" 16x24 Cocktail Drum, 10x5 snare, 6x6 and 8x6 rack toms, 10x12 floor tom... $ 1299

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