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Arboretum Systems, in conjunction with U&I software, is demonstrating the new 2.1 version of the MetaSynth graphic sound design program at this weekend's AES Convention in San Francisco.

Among the many new features and changes in MetaSynth version 2.1, most startling is the eye-popping, ear-tickling Displacement Mapping tool, which produces unusual time acceleration or deceleration effects and other indescribable audio results. Further enhancements to MetaSynth 2.1 include:

  • Additional Image Synth visual filters including grid-size sensitive Quantize filter and the Trace Edges filter.
  • Analyze Current Sample function now allows stereo input, creates full-color sonograms of stereo material
  • Fine-tuneable multi-sample Instruments (very important if your samples are not exactly in tune)
  • New support for stereo Instruments
  • New wave shaping function produces excellent distortion effects
  • New user-definable time display
  • New Pan Envelopes
  • New DC offset removal
  • Improved Cross-Convolve, Reverb and Harmonics effects
  • Improved audio input selection in the Image Synth palette
  • Improved Wavetable palette previewing
  • Expanded support for AIFF and SDII interleaved files
  • A brighter and cleaner look for the user interface.
MetaSynth is a Mac-only sound design program which offers the unique capability of transforming any picture into a sound, or any sound into a picture, and permits manipulation of audio elements entirely in the graphic domain, treating sound and music like imagery in a paint program. The program literally allows the user to paint with sound, or compose with color and light.

Since its first public demonstration at last year's New York AES conference, MetaSynth has become the most talked-about, and widely used, new signal processing and sound design software in years.

MetaSynth-generated sounds are heard daily on MTV commercials, on dozens of electronic, dance and underground CDs, and in new computer game soundtracks.

MetaSynth 2.0 has garnered a number of notable industry citations including a TEC Award nomination for Outstanding Achievement in Computer Software, the Keyboard Magazine "Key Buy" award, and a rating of 4.5 Mice (out of a possible 5) from MacWorld magazine.

Designed by KPT Bryce creator Eric Wenger, MetaSynth is a creation of U&I software LLC which is marketed and distributed world-wide exclusively by Arboretum Systems Inc. MetaSynth 2.0 is now available at a U.S. suggested retail price of $249.00, international pricing may vary. MetaSynth 2.1 will be shipping later in 1998. Free MetaSynth demo is available on the new Arboretum Systems Demo CD-ROM, or by download from: www.arboretum.com.

MetaSynth demos and accompanying information, as well as libraries of new sounds and pictures, are also available at www.uisoftware.com.

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