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Cambridge is, the city that gave birth to The Nextmen, also known as Brad Baloo and Dom Search. You may have heard of The Nextmen. In fact, unless you've been captive in Guantanamo Bay for the most of the Noughties, we'd wager you'd definitely heard of them and more than likely witnessed them at one of their many festival-stopping summer performances or heard their incendiary mixtapes on the neighbourhood ghetto blaster. Now the Nextmen have teamed up with Loopmasters to bring you a healthy dose of the mechanics behind their uniquely widely influenced sound, including lashings of ingredients to spice up the mix of producers working in Hip Hop, Reggae, Club or Soul Music. "We've put together a large selection of original loops, hits and phrases for you in this collection, all made The Nextmen way; that is to say with a whole load of lo-fi attitude, stellar processing and in-your-face mixing. Every element of this selection was created with one eye on the clubs. We've used vintage guitars, dirty old synths, mos-fet compressors, mellow EQs and a good few studio secrets to bring you ready-to-use parts that should slot nicely into your own productions. We've covered both retro and contemporary drum loops and hits, buzzing basslines made from layers of contrasting sounds, party-vibe lead lines and vocals, all spread over a nice range of useful tempos. We hope you enjoy using these parts as much as we did making them..." Dom Search The Nextmen Artist Series sample collection from Loopmasters features over 65 Drumloops, 35 Basslines, 14 Scratches, 65 Music Loops, 46 Bass Sounds and 12 Bass Pads, alongside a hugely flexible palette of more than 120 Single Drum Samples, 20 FX and 120 Instrument sounds. If you need some serious inspiration and work in a broad range of styles from Hip Hop, Dancehall, Electronica or Funk and need to ensure your sounds also work well in the Club ??? check out something different and sample The Nextmen! Also Available as a Reason Refill, Ableton Live Pack or as Apple Loops. Check this release here: http://www.loopmasters.com/product/details/293
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