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Mackie Designs Inc. has announced development of the new D8W Integrator. This software/card package provides seamless integration of Mackie's Digital 8-Bus and HDR24/96 Hard Disk Recorder/Editor and adds support for the Mackie Universal Time Synchronizer.

"With the introduction of the Integrator, it's time to stop thinking of the d8b and HDR24/96 as two separate pieces of digital equipment," observed Mackie's Market Manager Scott Garside, "Rather, we're now offering a true workstation with full editing, recording, automation, plug-ins and a superb hands-on control surface. All components are synced with sample accuracy; controls on the d8b work the hard disk recorder; software is unified and accessible from one monitor. This set up allows the user the ability to use one mouse, one keyboard and one monitor."

The D8W Integrator card installs in the HDR24/96 hard disk recorder and connects to the d8B via a proprietary cable. It features MIDI I/O ports for MTC and MMC, and a port for connecting to the Universal Time Synchronizer, which adds multiple Sony 9-pin control ports, VITC read/generate, biphase lock, word clock distribution, video generation, and SMPTE clock resolving to the existing D8W synchronization capabilities.

Integrator dramatically enhances the Digital 8-Bus and HDR24/96 with the following features:

  • Integrated Time Base, eliminating the need for MTC interlink,
  • Sample-accurate waveform and automation editing, integrated track names, locator, cues, loop selection, loop points, history list, session saving and loading,
  • One mouse, monitor and keyboard,
  • d8b control surface hot keys for HDR24/96 operations,
  • Auto-follow track select from d8b Select keys,
  • d8b scrub wheel adjustment of loop points,
  • SMPTE I/O and video support for the d8b
  • New HDR24/96 mastering page for surround sound recording and Left/Right mix in a new mix-down mode
  • Bitstream utilization for AC-3 or DTS.

According to Garside, "The D8W Integrator is currently in working prototype form and will shortly enter beta testing. No firm release date has been announced at this point. It's a work in progress and is not yet shipping."

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