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Using the company's patented design, both PortaMic models allow users to simply capture, from a single point source, a discrete surround recording during live performances, events and even in-studio surround sound tracks, providing a 3D immersive play-back experience. With advances in online networking sites, such as YouTube, MySpace, and Facebook, there is an increased need for online content. By using a Holophone to capture live performances, bands can now offer its fans a realistic surround experience. Through the surround sound mix, fans can now get a true representation of the performance, enabling them to feel like they were there. "We are thrilled to start out the New Year by bringing our award-winning Holophone PortaMic 5.1 and PortaMic Pro surround microphones to the M.I. market," says Michael Godfrey, president and founder of Holophone. "The technology of the PortaMic line transcends several industries and addresses the needs of both the professional and local musician. That's why we offer two models of our PortaMic, so we can cater to numerous budgets and varying levels of comfortability with the technology." Holophone's PortaMic 5.1 is perfect for local musicians who are looking for an easy-to-use and cost-effective means of recording surround sound directly to a camera or any stereo recording device. The PortaMic 5.1 offers an avenue for live music production by recording performances in 5.1 surround sound, enabling musicians to then upload content to the Web and also for enhanced audio/video demos. Based on the design of the PortaMic 5.1, Holophone's PortaMic Pro microphone offers a wider feature set designed for professional audio applications with a higher production budget. The two PortaMic models are compact in size, 6cm (2.5") x 3.5 cm (1.5"), and the mic head is powered through six separate mic elements arranged to correspond with the typical 5.1 speaker setup in a studio or home theater. Holophone's PortaMic 5.1, designed to be used on most camcorders or HD DSLR cameras, taps into the power of the company's H4 SuperMINI to offer users a professional-grade recording at a price that can fit into any budget, as the mic retails for $599. Holophone's PortaMic Pro offers professional quality audio and options with point-and-shoot usability—at an aggressive price point (the mic retails for $999). With the PortaMic Pro, users have additional control of their recordings with an audio zoom button, similar to a camera's zoom feature, that increases the forward bias of the mic's pick-up pattern and decreases the rear channels, giving the user's recording a more forward bias. The PortaMic Pro also includes a locking 6-pin balanced encoded stereo output, which provides a robust connection to professional grade video cameras and stereo input devices. Both PortaMic microphones are equipped with Dolby Laboratories' Dolby® Pro Logic II® encoder. This allows the mic's six audio channels to be encoded down to two channels, so it can be recorded to any stereo recording device — right down to a classic analog stereo cassette recorder. Recordings made by the PortaMic models are output line level directly to any stereo device you choose. To ensure a high-quality recording even in loud environments, such as packed arenas or outdoor music festivals, the mic features unity gain control and a 12db pad. The mic and encoder may be powered by a 9v battery as well as 12v DC from external power sources. For more information on Holophone and its full-range of surround sound technologies, please visit http://www.holophone.com/.
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