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Hoag optical-pickup guitars have often been said to have an "acoustic" sound quality. This is because of the pickup's full frequency response—from a few hertz to well over the range of human hearing. This range of sound is more than is needed for blues guitar. With the new Hoag BL Blues Guitar, Hoag has enhanced the mid- and high-range audio signals for "punch" with an acoustic appeal.

The beginning of blues guitars can be traced back to the early 1900s, when inexpensive guitars were made available to musicians. Soon the race was on to develop sounds that would make each musician unique. The use of slides, bends and many styles of picking made some musicians early recording stars. The acoustic guitars would transition into the use of contact and magnetic pickups, and later, solidbody guitars. Musicians again experimented, striving for a sound all their own. This is where we are today—with musicians searching for their own unique sound with the instruments that area available to them.

Hoag Instruments answered this challenge and is offering the their optical pickup blues guitar, HOAG BL (blues in the light). This sound is acoustic and solidbody combined.

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