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At the NAMM show, Garritan Orchestral Libraries, announced a new technology for virtual orchestration that allows sample sound waves to be harmonically aligned, creating more expressive and realistic-sounding solo instrument samples according to the company. The first product to feature this technology is Garritan Stradivari Violin.

Sonic Morphing technology aligns sound samples so they can flow into each other seamlessly. Morphing can be seen in motion pictures where there is a gradual transformation from one image into another. This basic concept has been applied to sound samples. Traditional sample libraries use discontinuous samples and transitioning between different dynamic levels (pp, mp, mf, ff) or different vibrato levels (non-vibrato, normal vibrato or lush vibrato) cause the listener to hear two distinct instruments (doubling) during transitions with disjointed tones and phasing issues. Sonic Morphing, on the other hand, aligns sound samples so they can flow into each other seamlessly. The result is more realism and expressiveness while preserving the natural characteristics of the instrument.

The Stradivari Violin is regarded by experts as the best violin ever made. An instrument of this distinction required a new way to faithfully capture its sound quality. Sonic Morphing is the answer. With the Garritan Stradivari Violin, users can actually play this instrument in real-time and change articulations while playing. In addition, users can morph between different dynamics and hear changes in timbre as notes become softer or crescendo louder. Finally, users can control the onset, intensity and rate of vibrato; impart portamento, and much more.

Garritan Orchestral Libraries has exclusive use of this technology and other libraries to follow will be a string quartet and, eventually, the rest of the orchestral libraries. The Garritan Stradivari Violin will be available for Macintosh and PC platforms during the 1st quarter 2005 for a suggested retail price of $199.00.

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