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Proud Cakewalk progenitors in pursuit of permanently proliferating Rapture's prodigious pad pallet, please prepare to be positively perplexed by powerful potential and perpetual possibility. Plug-and-play purveyors, pick-a-preset princes, and paladin purists, pick up the pace and promptly proceed to purchase Piscis!

Galbanum's Synth Expansion Line products are downloadable collections of professionally designed presets and resources for industry-leading virtual synths. Galbanum's Piscis Rapture Expansion is the first of this series and focuses on lush ambient pads, evolving atmospheres, and novel textures developed for Cakewalk's award winning Rapture synthesizer.


  • Over 1GB of new content 1,652 files in total
  • 250 new meticulously designed presets for Rapture and Rapture LE!
  • 1,402 new resources.


  • All 250 Piscis presets are based exclusively on 1GB of new custom resources designed to compliment Rapture's Expression Engine
  • Piscis includes 61 special "Spectrum Sample" SFZ instruments which stretch across eight octaves and consist of perfectly diffuse band-limited spectrums made up of over 2,000 voices each
  • Piscis includes 50 velocity cross-faded multi-waveform SFZ instruments which allow velocity dependent shifting and morphing of timbre without even using filters
  • Piscis includes 80 custom 65,536 point LFO waveforms which allow complex fractal-like LFO shapes that cause modulations to morph between slow shifting and fast FM-like behavior
  • Piscis was developed for Rapture version 1.1 or later and makes extensive use of the its new features including new filter modes, new DSP transforms, new signal routing, tempo-synched envelopes, 64bit waveforms, and more
  • Piscis makes extensive use of the modulation matrix, continuous controller assignments, velocity sensitivity, dynamic envelopes, SFZ definitions, and other techniques to produce incredibly expressive and dynamic presets which encourage performance, inspire creativity, and enhance usability
Stylistically and thematically Piscis content takes cues from diverse influences. It paints spectral portraits of the unknowable reaches of heaven, meanders into the unresolved tensions of purgatory, and even occasionally descends with trepidation into Dante's ninth circle. It emulates the still and small resonances of Earth's great open expanses, and explores sonic eclecticism inspired by its extreme biological diversity. It invokes through astral projection and remote viewing, visions of the surface of the sun, Saturn's moons, and unknown places even more distant. Galbanum's Piscis Rapture Expansion is a creative tool which communicates big ideas, elicits emotion, and is well suited to be used in epic scoring projects. It empowers sonic symbolism and above all - to paraphrase Zen philosopher Ernest Hemingway - is just that which you want it to be.

Piscis Rapture Expansion content is suitable for: Film, TV, and Game Scoring

  • Ambient, Chill Out, and Space Music
  • Electronica, IDM, and Left Field
  • Trip Hop and Glitch Hop
  • Progressive, House, Trance, Minimal, and Techno
  • DnB and Breaks
  • Modern Pop and Rock Ballads
  • and any other music style that makes use of chords, pads, and textures.

Piscis Rapture Expansion is priced at $59.95 and is available at: http://www.galbanum.com/shop/

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