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Furman Sound introduced the Metered Six Series of power conditioners at the 2003 Winter NAMM Expo. Targeted toward the contractor/installation, sound reinforcement and music instrument (MI) markets, the Metered Six Series offers significant upgrades from earlier Furman power conditioner products, especially for professionals and musicians who desire precise accuracy when monitoring voltage and current levels.

The Metered Six series comprises six models. Three are 15-amp enhanced power conditioners: the PL-PLUSD, PL-PLUSDM and PL-8DM; and three are 20-amp professional power conditioners: PL-PROD, PL-PRODM AND PM-PRODM. Each is designed to fit in a standard 19-inch rack occupying one rack unit space, with the front panels made of black anodized aluminum fixed to a rustproof chromate steel chassis for positive ground connection. The two Plus and 8DM units are rated for a one-time power surge of 6500, amps with the Pro units rated for an 11,000-amp surge.

"The Metered Six Series builds on the great reputation and performance level traditionally enjoyed by Furman customers, by offering them an enhanced feature set," says Joe Desmond, vice president of marketing for Furman Sound, Inc. "Each unit in this series offers different features and power ratings, covering virtually any installation or MI application."

Each of the models within the Metered 6 Series offers similar features, but there are also significant variations that make each more suited to individual needs and applications. The basic features include:

  • PL-PLUSD -- dual retractable rack lights and digital volt meter
  • PL-PLUSDM -- dual retractable rack lights and digital volt/current meter
  • PL-8DM -- digital volt/current meter
  • PL-PROD -- dual retractable rack lights and digital volt meter
  • PL-PRODM -- dual retractable rack lights and digital volt/current meter
  • PM-PRODM -- digital volt/current meter

Improved Accuracy

The PL-PLUSD and PL-PROD feature a three-element digital meter, offering a significantly higher level of accuracy over previous Furman models. "The average contractor using a handheld meter will find our units to be much more reliable," says Desmond. "They can be assured that what they are reading is truly accurate."

The "DM" models feature the three-element digital meter, but these units also measure both incoming AC voltage and the current flowing through that particular unit. A toggle switch on the front panel allows users to switch between voltage and current.

"With the technology used in the Metered 6 line, especially the use of True RMS technology, we've been able to reduce the margin of accuracy to 1/10 of an amp, down from the +/- 1 amp margin of previous models," says Desmond. "That's a 10-fold improvement in accuracy and performance."

With the DM models, in addition to the ability to switch between voltage and current, True RMS technology also allows the units to compensate for variations in AC signals--regardless of how distorted, corrupt or noisy--and still provide accurate readings that do not vary from that 1/10 of an amp margin.

Digital Filtering & Automatic Shutdown

Each of the units features 4 analog and 4 digital outputs, to allow for additional filtering for digital components. The three "Pro" level units also feature "automatic shut-off" when over-voltage is introduced to the system.

"If a crew member accidentally plugs in to 220 where they thought it would be 110, or they're running off a generator or something happens to the facility's electrical system," says Desmond, "and the voltage suddenly climbs to an unsafe level, the three Pro units will automatically shut off."

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