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Fohhn Audio AG has announced the release of its new Linea Focus series. Designed for both mobile and fixed installation use, the electronically steerable, active line array systems feature an innovative design in which the vertical sound dispersion characteristics of the speaker can be directed towards a specific area of the audience and remotely controlled in real time, without any need to mechanically alter the speaker's position. The Linea Focus systems incorporate either 8 (LF-120/LFi-120) or 16 (LF-220/LFi-220) high-performance 4-inch speakers, each equipped with a separate, integral CLASS D DSP amplifier that produces 100 watts of direct path power. The systems can be remotely controlled and monitored from a central location using a PC/laptop. Up to 255 separate speakers can be connected and steered using the manufacturer's sophisticated networking technology. The speaker beam/focus is regulated via Fohhn's DSP control system and the sound adapted to the room architecture using the intuitive Audio Soft (V3) software, which simulates and alters the beam/focus. Various parameters such as vertical dispersion, beam angle, inclination and acoustic focus can be individually adjusted, optimizing the sound direction and avoiding unwanted room reflections. The spatial distribution of the sound pressure level is displayed in graded colours, while the frequency response at any given position, and the sound pressure level for any area of the audience, can be displayed on a graph. A unique combination of integral control and simulation enables the interactive optimization of sound dispersion characteristics and the transfer of simulation parameters to the connected speakers in real time. Fohhn's innovative dual-beam technology adds a further dimension, enabling the Linea Focus speakers to generate two separate beams in their vertical dispersion range. This allows specific audience areas (such as stalls and gallery) to be targeted for maximum effective coverage. A specially developed algorithm also enables the suppression of any unwanted side lobes in the beam. A single LF-120/LFi-120 speaker can transmit balanced speech and music to an audience up to 25 metres away, while the LF-220/LFi-220 boasts a range of 50 metres and more. It is also possible to cascade two Linea Focus systems. The doubled line length quadruples the projection range, in addition to extending the frequency range of the sound directed at the audience. The Linea Focus series is primarily aimed at churches, cathedrals, railway stations, airports, theatres, conference halls, trade fair centres and fixed install or mobile AV applications. The speakers' slim design, low weight (8kg for the LF-120, 15kg for the LF-220) and electronic control functionality enables them either to be mounted flat on the wall, or installed directly in the wall, ensuring perfect integration into a range of architectural settings. Available as standard in black or white, the speakers can also be supplied in other colours to match interiors. Linea Focus retail pricing (ex sales tax):
LFi-120 (fixed installation):
Black – €5.150,00
White – €5.190,00
LF-120 (mobile applications):
Black – €4.950,00
White – €4.990,00
LFi-220 (fixed installation):
Black – €8.640,00
White – €8.690,00
LF-220 (mobile applications):
Black – €8.440,00
White – €8.490,00
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