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FabFilter has updated all
FabFilter plug-ins to add GPU-powered graphics acceleration. In
addition, FabFilter Twin 2, Timeless 2 and Volcano 2 now feature the
collapsible modulation section that was first introduced in FabFilter
Saturn. All plug-ins have also received bug fixes and various other
Highlights in this update:

- All plug-ins now contain the GPU-powered graphics acceleration
introduced in FabFilter Pro-DS, ensuring ultra-smooth animation while
leaving the main CPU free to do audio processing.

- FabFilter Twin 2, Timeless 2 and Volcano 2 have a new Modulation
button to easily show and hide the modulation section. By default, the
modulation section is hidden to make the plug-in less intimidating at
first, but you can easily look 'under the hood' when you want to tweak a
preset or design your own.

- FabFilter Twin 2 displays a new keyboard section in the interface when
the modulation section is hidden. The component display at the top of
the interface contains a new Main EG component button, letting you
easily tweak EG parameters when browsing presets.

- When multiple bands are selected in FabFilter Pro-Q, the Frequency,
Gain and Q knobs will now let you change parameters of the selected
bands while preserving their relative differences. Double-clicking a
knob still lets you set all bands to the same value.

- Updated all VST 3 plug-ins to support new features in VST 3.5, such as
a host-provided right-click menu for each parameter in the interface.
Steinberg's CMC-AI controller is now also supported.

- Added mouse wheel support to buttons with pop-up menus, such as the
distortion style button in FabFilter Saturn.

- Added Options > Open Other Preset option to the presets menu, making
it easy to open a preset that's not in the regular presets folder.

- FabFilter Twin 2 and Timeless 2 now remember which section in the
component display is expanded in Wide mode.

- Fixed compatibility issues with Adobe Premiere on Windows and OS X.

- Fixed a bug in the mono AudioSuite plug-ins that caused the Whole File
option at the bottom to be disabled.

- The Mac OS X version now requires OS X 10.5 and an Intel processor. We
still offer previous versions for download if you need OS X 10.4 or
PowerPC support: www.fabfilter.com/support/downloads.

For a complete list of changes, see www.fabfilter.com/news.
The updates are free for existing FabFilter customers. Updates and 30-
day trial versions are available for download now at

System requirements on Windows are either Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, SSE-
capable processor, and a VST 2/3 host or Pro Tools, or Mac OS X 10.8,
10.7, 10.6 or 10.5 with Intel processor, and an Audio Units host, VST
2/3 host, or Pro Tools. Both 32-bit and 64-bit hosts are supported.

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