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Electro-Voice® is featuring its N/DYM® microphones at Summer NAMM (Demo Room 2010 and Booth 5311). This popular series of performance microphones has been redesigned to offer even greater performance in a live sound environment.

EV proved itself the leader of a sonic revolution when, in 1986, EV introduced a radical neodymium-based magnet structure to microphone design. For the first time in history, engineers, musicians and audio professionals were introduced to extended frequency response and increased power input.

Well, the revolution isn't over.

EV is now the only manufacturer to offer Vocal Optimized Bass™ (VOB™) technology. With these revolutionary technologies you'll hear every note and every word, without the "muddiness" common in other models. They offer a clear vocal sound that will "cut through the mix" and, when used to mic acoustic or electric instruments, you'll be amazed at the natural sound. Whether you're miking an antique dobro, a vintage guitar amp, bass amp, brass or percussion, N/DYM microphones are unparalleled in leaving your tone "intact." If you're as serious about tone as EV, you'll love N/DYM microphones.

EV's N/DYM vocal and instrument microphones provide professional-quality performance at a price working musicians can afford! N/DYM microphones feature the newest, most progressive, cutting-edge innovation -- VOB technology. VOB technology was developed specifically to provide discerning audio professionals with greater vocal clarity in the bass response. It efficiently counteracts the "proximity effect," or bass boost, you hear in close-up microphone use, which tends to create "boomy" or "muddy" vocals. The N/DYM vocal and instrument microphone system sets a new standard for performance and value.

N/D767a Vocal Microphone:

The N/D767a is an excellent choice for concert and touring sound environments. The VOB design provides the N/D767a with a tailored bass response for proximity control and excellent gain-before-feedback. The N/D767a gives the performer outstanding vocal clarity in any application.

Key product features include a dynamic element, supercardioid polar pattern for superior feedback rejection and acoustic isolation and a close frequency response of 25Hz to 22kHz and a far

response of 50Hz to 22kHz. The power output is -51.0 dB. The N/D767a also features multistage shock mounting for extremely low handling noise, and comes with a stand adapter and zippered gig bag. All N/DYM microphones come with the comfortable Warm Grip™ handle.

N/D267a & N/D267 Handheld Vocal Microphones:

Designed for live performances, the N/D267a and N/D267 are designed with a controlled proximity effect that eliminates the boomy effects found in typical vocal microphones, providing superior vocal clarity across all frequencies and in any environment. The N/D267a features include dynamic element, cardioid polar pattern for superior feedback rejection and acoustic isolation and an integral microphone element shock mount. The close proximity frequency response is 45Hz to 12kHz with a far response of 100Hz to 12kHz. The power output is -51.5 dB. The N/D267a and N/D267 come with a stand adapter, zippered gig bag and the EV exclusive Warm Grip™ handle.

N/D167a Handheld Vocal Microphone:

The N/D167a is specifically designed for high-quality vocals in live performance and touring applications. The directional, single-D cardioid pattern, dynamic element produces a close frequency response of 50Hz to 12kHz with a far range response of 100Hz to 12kHz. The low-Z balanced 600-Ohm N/D167a offers a power output of ­56.6dB. The N/D167 comes with a stand adapter, zippered gig bag and the EV exclusive Warm Grip™ handle.

The N/D478 Instrument Microphone:

The N/D478 is the newest member of the N/DYM family. It was designed to yield outstanding performance in applications requiring the miking of acoustical and electric instruments, as well as vocal performances.

The N/D478 uses a dynamic element with a cardioid pattern. The close frequency response is 45Hz to 15kHz, with a far response of 100Hz to 15kHz. The output impedance is a balanced 300 Ohms with a power output of -51.5dB.

The neodymium magnet structure and critical damping provided by the VOB technology give the N/D478 superior gain-before-feedback, enhanced sensitivity and outstanding clarity. Excellent for stage or studio, the N/D478's versatility will make it a "must have" in any microphone mix. The N/D478 comes with a stand adapter, zippered gig bag and the EV exclusive Warm Grip™ handle.

N/D468 Instrument Microphone:

Designed specifically for horns, drums, acoustic and electric guitars, the N/D468 provides a smooth, natural sound, capturing the inherent sonic excitement produced by any instrument. The supercardioid pattern provides superior rejection and acoustic isolation in any application. The N/D468 is designed to provide a smooth frequency response independent of proximity.

The microphone can withstand the high sound pressure levels and sharp transients generated by the close miking of musical instruments. The close range frequency response is 30Hz to 22kHz, with a far range response of 60Hz to 22kHz. The N/D468 offers a power level of -51dB and an impedance of 150 ohms balanced (low-Z). The N/D468 comes with a stand adapter and zippered gig bag.

The N/D868 is truly a top performer in any application. Whether in a live or studio environment, the N/D868 is able to handle incredibly high sound pressure levels without distortion or overriding the input mixer. With an extended bass response specifically designed for kick drum applications, the N/D868 can be used "as is" with no additional EQ required.

The frequency response range is 20Hz to 10kHz, and has a power level of -51.7dB with an impedance of 150 Ohms balanced (low-Z). The N/D868 comes with a stand adapter and zippered gig bag.

Electro-Voice® is a professional audio brand of Telex Communications, Inc., a leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of sophisticated audio, wireless, multimedia, aircraft, broadcast and communications equipment for commercial, professional and industrial customers. Telex Communications markets its products in more than 80 countries under the brands EV®, Telex®, RTS™, Dynacord®, Midas®, Klark Teknik®, University® and others.

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