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Hello All,

We are happy to announce two new pedals (finally) ----- First we have:

Three helpings of sound in one tiny box.
How about a clean boost for breakfast?  Blast your amp or other pedals with a powerful boost in volume.
Crank up the gain at lunch time, and hear your sound degrade into a splattered growling fuzz.
Then for dinner, flip a toggle for a tight, gritty distortion with a strong gate.
All powered from the industry standard 9v center negative DC adaptor.  True bypass as usual, and assembled by hand!
ZHAGO DEMO!       http://youtu.be/sK5aofG4H1Q
This one is small and cheap, just like your sister! $75, dealer - $115, MAP
Next up is Total Spack Vibes. 



Created special for Daniel Spack, SPECIAL!
Dan Spack, of course,  is a member of Collections Of Colonies Of Bees, Volcano Choir, and Group  of the Altos, INCREDIBLE Milwaukee based rock type groups.
This weaponized  overdrive began as a tricked out version of our popular "The Internet"  overdrive pedal.  In an effort to include ultimate control, we added the  tone knob and a gain control for the foot switchable gain boost, labeled "harder."
But HOLY MOLEY.  When  it came together and hit the testing table, it's true nature was  revealed.  EVIL.  True, you can get familiar overdrive sounds, and a  handy dandy boost, just like you would with The Internet.  But in addition to these, you can conjure up a plethora of scratchy  harsh treble blasting noise distortion.
Dwarfcraft Designed, Dan Spack approved.
$135, dealer - $200, MAP
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