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After 4 years of research and development, DUY announces a new mastering plug-in for OS X TDM systems: DUY MagicEQ, a Statistically-Adaptative Automatic Equalizer. MagicEQ automatically equalizes your mix and lets you adjust the result to give your own extra "touch" to the sound, making the equalization process fast and simple. DUY MagicEQ is shipping now.

To use DUY MagicEQ, you simply insert the plug-in, play your music and click on a LEARN button, which starts a process of analysing the music, resulting in an auto-equalization of the song. After the EQ'ing has "magically" taken place, the result can be adjusted using the provided EQ knobs.

DUY MagicEQ is not a standard EQ: MagicEQ will equalize two different musical pieces of audio in different ways. In other words, depending on the music being processed, the type of equalization calculated by MagicEQ will vary completely. This is one of the main features that makes DUY MagicEQ so different from classic EQs.

Once MagicEQ has run through the song and analysed it in realtime, the engineer simply has to decide how he would like MagicEQ to finish the equalization of his mix, by tweaking a few buttons. MagicEQ does the rest. Of course, MagicEQ will not make decisions in the name of the engineer, but it will certainly do the "dirty job" of having to move thousands of faders up and down.

MagicEQ lets the engineer's mind free from the usual troubles in traditional mixing and mastering, such as lack of precision and errors in the mixes, due to inconsistencies or monitoring and room non-linearities, acoustic resonances, certain equipment's undesired effects, differences in the sound levels, or simply due to human hearing fatigue.

System Requirements:

MagicEQ is available for TDM systems running OSX, supporting sampling rates up to 192 KHz. It is available now.

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