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CustomGuitarGear.com has teamed up with HBE, to bring you the JEKEKO WAH (http://www.customguitargear.com/cgg-jekekowah.html). Remember that half-way "parked" Wah tone? Now you can dial in your signature fixed Wah tone and have it instantly. No more rocking the wah pedal, during your solo, trying to find that sweet spot!

Virtually unlimited tonal options with this pedal. Screaming highs to vocal-like, thick, fat lows and everywhere in between.

Note: This Is Not An Auto-Wah Effect.

"Growing up listening to Michael Schenker, David Bowie, Black Sabbath, Eric Clapton, Queen etc.., I have always had an appreciation for the half-way / parked Wah tone for both solos and chord work. However, I have always found it nearly impossible to find the same sweet spot every time. I wanted to create a pedal that would allow guitarists to find their fixed Wah sweet spot/s and be able to access them perfectly at any time.

Well here it is!!" says Bill Stewart at CustomGuitarGear.com

Each JEKEKO WAH is built by hand in the USA, using the finest quality Wah components. In addition, we've added a level control and an internal adjustable trim pot, so gain can be added.


  • Sweep Control: (allows you to dial in the precise tone) The traditional Wah "toe" position is knob all the way to the left, as you turn the sweep knob to the right, your tone will sweep accordingly until it rests in the extreme right position which is equal to a Wah "heel" position. So you may lock your tone anywhere in that path.
  • Level Control: (controls the over
  • all output of the pedal and the intensity of the effect)
  • Adjustable Internal Trim Pot: (controls the amount of input gain).
  • True
  • Bypass Switching
  • Yellow Fasel Inductor
  • Emerald Green Sparkle, Powder Coated finish.
  • Green LED
  • Power: Accepts standard
  • 9VDC Negative Center Power Supply. Also ships with a 9V Battery.

MSRP: $189.00

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