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ChocolateAudio announces Mock Bass - advanced electric bass library The Mock Bass is sampled from a liuther's custom made electric bass made by Jacaranda (www.jacaranda.it) and features all the latest technologies when it comes to sampling products, featuring four string, automatic string switching, fret position selection, intelligent and random string noise, intelligent Auto Fingering and realistic Legato Tool.

The ChocolateAudio Mock Bass, a download-only product, is available in two packages:

Mock Bass DI (39 €): features the DI sound only, recorded Apogee converters and Millennia TD-1 direct to digital at 96 Khz, released at 44.1 This set weighs about 335 MB and requires just 38 MB of preload in Kontakt 2.2.

Mock Bass Production Pack (54 €): features the DI sound altogether with a Rock and a Round sounds (different sample packs).

Mock Bass Rock is reamped using an Ampeg rig with a Neumann mic to a Focusrite pre and into an Apogee converter at 96 Khz.

Mock Bass Round is reamped using a Mark Bass rig with an AKG mic fed into a Focusrite pre and an Apogee converter at 96 KHz.

The Production Pack weighs about 1 GB and each sound require just 38 MB preload in Kontakt. The sounds are fully in phase so you can load them at the same time to emulate classic electric bass recording setups (mic(s) + DI).

The Bass specs:
5 strings with high tuning (E-A-D-G-C, only the lower four strings were sampled), swamp ash body, bolt-on birdseye maple neck, ebony fingerboard, 22 - 6230 Dunlop frets, 2 Bartolini pickups, 3705 ABM bridge, Gotoh GB7 tuners, custom 3 band EQ passive/active controls and SIT RBS 045-065-085-105 string set.

Each of the three Mock Bass sounds features:

  • 790 unique samples
  • Each string is sampled chromatically up to the 12th fret (G string up to the 18th)
  • Two sustain samples for each note: index and middle finger playing (round robin)
  • Four release samples for each note sampled (round robin)
  • Four dead ghost samples for each note sampled (round robin)
  • Sets of slide ups and downs for each string
  • Sets of Hammer On and Pull Off legato samples for each note sampled
  • Thumps on strings
  • String noise samples
Price and availability
The Mock Bass DI lists for 39.-eur while the Mock Bass Production Pack lists for 54.-eur and both are available now at www.chocolateaudio.com.

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