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Camel Audio is proud to announce availability of major updates to its acclaimed Alchemy sample manipulation and — now free! — Alchemy Player sample playback soft synth plug-ins (both supporting all major formats on Mac and Windows, including VST, AU, and RTAS, in 32- and 64-bit flavours), as well as another highly-affordable — and unique — addition to its ‘powered by Alchemy’range of sound libraries in the ear-enticing shape of Martin Walker’s Steamworx...

• ALCHEMY 1.20 (£179 /€199/$249) is the latest incarnation of Camel Audio’s flagship sample manipulation soft synth plug-in; over two man-years in the making,it is free to all existing users and comes complete with many enhancements,including new Mac- and Windows-compatible 64-bit versions (allowing unlimitedmemory access) and RTAS Pro Tools support; radically improved sample playback(with intelligent sample memory handling halving the sample memory required),including SFZ — an open, non-proprietary method of defining a how a collections of samples are arranged for performance, so it can now load third-party or converted SFZ libraries (and automatically creates eight remix pad variations using different effects and modulations), key-switching and round-robin (for added realism) support, plus unlimited keyboard zones and velocity layers; as well as an improved GUI and new ‘Nightshade’ skin by BitPlant — looks have not been overlooked either! Other new features too numerous to list include: additional mod source for polyphonic aftertouch; improved auto-assign for performance controls;

24 new acoustic reverb presets; randomise snapshots option; shortcuts or aliases to folders support; improved MIDI program change implementation; improved stability and GUI handling in all hosts; improved Cameleon preset import; increased MSEG editor maximum zoom; MSEG stretch mode (allows horizontal dragging); mouse wheel support in effects rack; reduced mouse sensitivity (when editing breakpoints); different spectral palettes; faster updating of remix pad and other controls; and additive editor phase value reset on left click. As always, Alchemy excels at contemporary pads, sublime soundscapes, ultra-fat basses, and much more besides — with over 500 presets now in its User Library!

• ALCHEMY PLAYER 1.20 represents a slicker, faster, more powerful, and — arguably more importantly — free-of-charge update to Camel Audio’s popular sample playback soft synth plug- in; it also took two-plus man-years to create, and now comes complete with 150 presets (1200 variations) — plus an extra 50 sounds upon registration, bringing its onboard total to 1GB of samples (as well as being easily expandable via Camel Audio’s extensive range of ‘Powered by Alchemy’ sound libraries). Like its Alchemy 1.20 big brother, SFZ loading, 64-bit, and Pro Tools RTAS support all come as standard, together with a similar host of new features and improvements. Current Camel Audio users can log in to their User Account to download; while new users should simply sign up for a free copy here:


• STEAMWORX (£39/€49/$59) is a 150-preset (with 1200 variations) sound library by renowned sound effects designer Martin Walker; a cinematic netherworld indeed, it incorporates over 240MB of sample content, combining extensive field recordings,8-bit SID Chip exotica, plus samplings from an extensive collection of bells,chimes, and gongs to create an imaginative array of keyboard instruments made from clocks, drum kits built with steam-powered machines, fog-shrouded soundscapes, and gothic choirs. The stunning results — grunge-laden grooves, multi-layered arpeggios, and hand-crafted percussion oozing character and round-robin realism — are suited to epic soundtrack, delicate ambient, sci-fi, industrial, and supernatural stylings, broken down into the following categories for easy access: Arps (15); Basses (10); Drums (12); Keys (10); Loops (19); Mallets (11); Pads (14); Sound Effects (18); Soundscapes (20); Strings (9); Vocals (12). Steamworx can be securely ordered from Camel Audio (www.camelaudio.com), and directly downloaded as a (larger) Alchemy Player version or smaller-sized files (without Alchemy Player) for use with the (above-mentioned) ‘full-blown’ Alchemy sample manipulation soft synth plug-in (available separately for £179/€199/$249).




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