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The New Legacy Acoustic Guitars represent the latest technological breakthroughs in applying advanced materials technology to the acoustic guitar. CA Guitars’ patented Acoustically Tailored Composite technology is used to create a guitar that has the tonal quality of a fine wood guitar, outstanding balance across the tonal range, and excellent volume. The Legacy also has much better durability and tolerance of temperature and humidity than a wooden guitar.

This patented technology allows CA to "voice" a particular guitar to a predetermined and unchanging sound characteristic. The first Acoustic Tailoring is designed to sound like an upper-end well aged traditional wooden guitar with more volume and balance across all of the strings. This unique voicing is the backbone for the Vintage Acoustic Tailoring . For those who prefer the sounds of a guitar with a more articulate and pronounced midrange, the Enhanced Traditional Acoustic Tailoring is the right choice.

The unique patented neck / body construction gives the Legacy Acoustic Guitars increased strength and durability. While slight impacts can leave significant dents in a wooden guitar top, CA’s advanced proprietary composite top can literally withstand hammer blows with no visible effects (not something CA recommends that you try at home). The guitars are assembled with high strength aerospace adhesives that are not sensitive to water, and withstand temperature extremes better than wood. The neck will never warp due to temperature and humidity. The top of the guitar will not creep, split, crack, or develop humps.

The proprietary designed neck features carbon fibers, which are stronger that steel and weigh 2/3 less. The neck angle is fixed and will never need adjusting due to temperature and humidity changes. The absence of a traditional heel makes it easy to access the upper frets not possible on other dreadnaught acoustic guitars.

The Legacy AE is the same model guitar, including the same great Acoustic Tailoring options, but includes a Fishman Prefix Pro Blend onboard preamp and EQ system. This great system features a piezo pickup under the bridge saddle and a miniature microphone mounted inside the guitar. There is a blend control on the preamp that allows for the desired mix of piezo and mic to be achieved. All Legacy guitars are shipped with a deluxe hardshell case.

Headquartered in Lafayette, LA, CA Guitars, Inc. is the leader in composite material technology for the musical instrument industry. Using advanced aerospace materials and manufacturing techniques, CA Guitars has the ability to replace wood in guitars and other products with their patented Acoustically Tailored Composite technology (ATC).

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