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Beta Monkey Music's Drum Werks VIII offers over 650 powerful and versatile drum loops. This collection is all about no-nonsense rock feels and phrasings, both straight and shuffled, laying it down for guitar-driven music.

Quickly build all kinds of rock and blues-based rock tracks that feel right and sound great with this jam-packed toolbox of essential grooves. Beta Monkey Music's Drum Werks VIII is also the companion disc to Drum Werks VII, utilizing the same drum sounds and same session tracks for complete compatibility. Drum Werks VIII not only offers musicians an in-depth and versatile collection of popular grooves across a wide array of tempos and feels but a complete matching set of multi-velocity drum samples is included as well.

Drum Werks VIII Features:

Powerful Rock Drumming: 650+ authentic rock grooves perfect for guitar-driven rock and bluesy-based rock (possibilities exist for alt and country styles as well). All loops are taken from the SAME recording session - all grooves, variations, fills, and multi-velocity samples are sonically-matched. Mix and match between any groove set on Drum Werks VIII (or with Drum Werks VII as well).

Powerful Rock Sounds: High-end production with world-renowned drums and cymbals. The entire Drum Werks VIII session was recorded at 24-bit/96Khz and then downsampled to 44.1 for compatibility, giving users rich, defined drum tracks versatile enough for modern as well as classic rock mixes. Tastefully mixed with a minimum of effects and processing, Drum Werks VIII will sit beautifully in any mix but still allow users enough headroom to experiment and further define and customize the drum sounds.

Wide Range of Tempos and Superior Rhythmic Realism: Complete Songwriting Drum Loop Sets at 65, 75, 85, 100, 130, and 150 BPM. Longer phrases (2, 4 and 8 bar drum loops) ensure more authentic and realistic. Each tempo features grooves, multiple variations, and fills in a wide array of tempos - half-time feels, 16th note feels, double times, and more. Get one shot endings and intros to add the finishing touches impossible with any other drum programming options.

Complete Multi-Velocity Drum and Cymbal Sample Section: The sample kit section includes a complete collection of multi-velocity samples of all the drums and cymbals recorded. While most loop discs offer only a handful of single hits, we have given you the entire kit and cymbals. Build grooves from scratch or use them to augment any of the 650+ loops.

Available in acidized WAV and Apple Loops. REX2 format is scheduled for release in January 2007.

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