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With the release of CHHH Vol 4, Chris Hein Horns Complete became "the most complete library ever of brass & woodwind instruments for Jazz, Pop, Big Band and Funk!" and is available at a very attractive price. With 54 extremly detailed solo instruments and 32 sections, CHH-Complete is the largest available Brass- & Woodwind library for Jazz, Pop, Funk & Big-Band. With its large sections and high dynamic sound, CHH also works great to spice up your orchestral productions. For an extremly low bundle price for CHH-Complete you get aprox. 80.000 samples and 44 GB content. Vol. 1 – Vol.4 contain different groups of instruments perfectly matching each other. All instruments follow the same concept, so, if you know one, you know them all. Each volume contains solo-instruments as well as section combinations.
  • aprox. 2.000 Samples per instrument
  • 18 different playing techniques
  • All playing techniques in one programm
  • Up to 8 Velocities per note
  • 72 control-features in 11 edit-pages
  • 6 DSP Efx
  • 21 high class convolution reverbs
  • Key-Switch Presets, Hot-Keys, Key-Vibrato, Legato- and Glide-Mode, Growl-Control, and more.
Beside the boxed versions the library is also available for instant download. Also available are cross grades for users of CHHH Vol 1-3.
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