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Award‐winning Boutique Builder Expands Line of Medium‐power Amps

BC Audio (www.bcaudio.com) is set to introduce new products for the gigging guitarist at the LA Amp Show, October 2‐3, 2010. The new offerings include two versions of Amplifier No. 8 (a high‐gain 25 watt guitar amp) and a new version of its critically acclaimed Amplifier No. 7.

Amplifier No. 8

To complement its flagship Amplifier No. 7, BC Audio has designed the new Amplifier No. 8 with increased gain and a Master Volume architecture. Its tonal palette is influenced strongly by "hot‐rod plexi" sounds. A unique Drive circuit ‐ developed by BC Audio and not found in any other amp ‐ allows for colossal sustain AND thick, rich cleans without channel switching.

"A common problem with many high‐gain amps is that they don't have good clean and semi‐dirty sounds," says BC Audio founder and award winning guitarist Bruce Clement. "The Drive circuit of Amplifier No. 8 solves this problem in a simple and effective way. You end up with vast territory to explore between chimey clean and liquid singing sustain."

Amplifier No. 8 is a 25 watt single‐channel amp head, featuring a pair of 5881 output tubes in a Class A cathode biased configuration and a GZ34 tube rectifier. Unique is the use of 6SL7 octal preamp tubes, rather than the ubiquitous 12AX7. Equally uncommon, Amplifier No. 8 features true point‐to‐point wiring, not turret board or eyelet board construction (which are often incorrectly referred to as “point‐to‐point”). Controls include Drive, Volume and Presence.

Amplifier No. 8 will be available housed in a US Army surplus ammo can, or a more traditional tolex‐covered head box.

Amplifier No. 7

BC Audio's critically acclaimed flagship Amplifier No. 7 has until now been available housed in a US Army surplus ammo can. At the LA Amp Show, BC Audio will unveil a tolex‐covered wood head box version of the amp. The chassis has been redesigned to accommodate rear panel mounted power connection and speaker output jack. The ammo can version will continue to be offered alongside the new head box version.

"BC Audio is all about being different while being familiar," says BC Audio founder and award‐winning guitarist Bruce Clement. "Like the octal preamp tubes and true point‐to‐point wiring, the ammo can is something unique and cool. And now we can also accommodate players who prefer a more traditional look and layout."

The head boxes are constructed of void‐free birch ply and feature dovetail joinery and high quality coverings and hardware. The black head boxes sport an offset vertical red racing stripe and black anodized aluminum front panels with white lettering.

Amplifier No. 7 and Amplifier No. 8 each sell for $1795 in Ammo Can Version, $1950 in Head Box Version. Available direct from BC Audio at www.bcaudio.com. Special discounts will be offered at the LA Amp Show.

About BC Audio: San Francisco‐based BC Audio was founded by award winning guitarist Bruce Clement. Clement has been building custom guitar amps, pedals and complete rigs since the late 1970s.


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