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BC Audio is set to introduce its flagship Amplifier No. 7 at the California World Guitar Show at the Marin County Civic Center July 25-26, 2009. The hand-made vacuum tube guitar amps are built inside of US Army surplus .50 caliber ammunition boxes, or "ammo cans." Unlike the majority of models offered by "boutique" amp builders, Amplifier No. 7 is not a clone of any particular amp of yesteryear, but a new and original design. Its tones are firmly rooted in classic "tweed" and "plexi" amps, but Amplifier No. 7 possesses its own "voice," one ideally suited to rock and electric blues styles. "I designed Amplifier No. 7 to be the ideal rock amp for live club and concert work," says BC Audio founder and award winning guitarist Bruce Clement. "For me, 'plexi' and 'tweed' are not buzzwords. They are influences — like Page was influenced by Clapton, SRV by Hendrix and Wes Montgomery by Charlie Christian." Amplifier No. 7 reflects Clement's passion for classic tube amps and the iconic sounds of loud electric guitar. Amplifier No. 7 is a dual-channel non-Master Volume amp, with a maximum power output of either 15 or 25 watts, determined by the use of either 6V6 or 5881 output tubes with the appropriate 5Y3 or GZ34 rectifier tube. Unique is the use of 6SL7 octal preamp tubes, rather than the ubiquitous 12AX7. Equally uncommon, Amplifier No. 7 features true point-to-point wiring — not turret board or eyelet board construction (which are often incorrectly referred to as "point-to-point"). Pricing starts at $2600 List, $1795 Factory Direct. Special discounts will be offered at the San Rafael guitar show. On the design philosophy behind the new model, Clement reveals, "The circuit design of Amplifier No. 7 is intentionally simple, because I believe that the more electronics your guitar's signal passes through, the more it becomes degraded. The simpler the circuit, the purer the tone." The result is an amp that comes alive with your playing, an amp that you can feel as much as hear.
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